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The Center for Innovation and Learning


The Center for Innovation and Learning aims to design, develop and integrate resources that enrich learning and teaching at Wofford, and to provide a locus for conversations, both within the Wofford community and with other institutions, about excellence and innovation in a residential liberal arts education.

Purposeful integration of research, curricular innovation, and support in The Center for Innovation and Learning is a step toward the academic synthesis a 21st century liberal arts college can offer both its own community members and society at large.

Our mission is four-fold: to support innovation in teaching, provide an environment for the support of teaching and learning, to support on-campus writing initiatives in curricular and co-curricular programming, and to assess for the effectiveness of innovations undertaken in the service of student learning.

Innovations in Teaching and Learning  Institutional Research and Assessment 

Faculty Fellows

Natalie Spivey
Assistant Professor of Biology

Writing as a Biologist

Writing research articles for publication is an essential skill for communication within the world of Biology. For my project, students will practice this skill by writing about laboratory experiments in the style of an article from a scientific journal.
Britt Newman
Assistant Professor of Modern Languages

Using Reflective Writing

By integrating brief reflective writing in English into pre-existing writing assignments in Spanish, I hope to help the students develop their understanding of their connection to global events and trends. The English writing prompts, which draw upon the AAC&U rubric for Global Learning, will help to make explicit the global learning goals that are a fundamental part of our language curriculum, and will help to increase students' sophistication in the target language as they incorporate such ideas in their Spanish writing.

Rachel Vanderhill
Assistant Professor of Government

Project 1: World Trade Organization (WTO) Doha Round Position Paper and Simulation

In this new assignment students will write a position paper on their assigned country’s motives, interests, and goals in relation to the WTO Doha Round. This paper will prepare the students to participate in a multi-day, in-class simulation of trade negotiations.

Project 2: Solutions to Real World Problems: A Policy Paper Writing Assignment

This two-stage writing project requires students to research and write a paper examining an existing problem in a county other than the United States and then propose viable solutions to the problem. After the receiving critical feedback on the first version of the paper, students will then write a revised paper that includes additional research on their proposed solutions.

Begona Caballero-Garcia
Associate Professor of Modern Languages

Spanish and the latest technologies: Online portfolios and apps

The goal of this project is to promote core abilities such as: Information management, problem solving skills, communication, and thinking critically and creatively.

Students will learn to create their own online portfolio with content that will be designed to teach their classmates about cultures in different countries. Besides, they will look for apps related to their assigned topics. Working cooperatively and reciprocal teaching and learning will happen during this project.
Kim Rostan
Assistant Professor of English
Technologies for Teaching Simply

Kim Rostan’s project will focus on her Humanities 101 course, The Photographed World, which makes use of digital archives, online exhibition spaces, and digital storytelling technology. She has proposed a three-part revision of her course, which will: 1) dismantle her (unwieldy) larger assignments into progressive stages; 2) explore all relevant Moodle capabilities for smaller and more spontaneous writing exercises, and explore new technologies for recording student’s voices as they discuss and annotate photographs; and 3) create a third multimodal project for the course.