Faculty Learning Communities

Each year, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning sponsors Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs), communities of pedagogical inquiry that bring together faculty and professional staff across the college to explore pedagogical theories and innovations in higher education. FLCs are proposed and led by interested faculty; their focus ranges from inquiries into classroom-based practices to broader questions of curriculum design.

If you are interested in proposing an FLC, see the Request for Proposals.

In one recent FLC, faculty and staff explored scholarship and teaching related to the digital humanities and digital liberal arts. Over the course of two semesters, members met to read and discuss latest trends in these areas, and to brainstorm projects and collaborations at Wofford.

In another recent FLC, faculty and professional staff investigated critical questions about student learning in interdisciplinary or integrative programs and courses. Over the course of three semesters, the FLC (1) examined student experiences in interdisciplinary/integrative learning; (2) developed an understanding of how Wofford students make their way through interdisciplinary and integrative work; and (3) reflected on how intentional we are (or want to be) in scaffolding interdisciplinary and/or integrative learning experiences for students.