Faculty and Staff

Alva Anderson

Dr. Alva K. Anderson A.K.

Professor and Chair of Religion EMAIL: andersonak@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4561 OFFICE: 205 Main Building Alva K. Anderson's website
Douglas Clark

Douglas Clark

Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion EMAIL: clarkdh@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4559
Courtney Dorroll

Dr. Courtney M. Dorroll

Associate Professor of Religion and Interim Co-Director of the Center for Innovation and Learning EMAIL: dorrollcm@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-5026 OFFICE: 201 Main Building

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Philip Darrell

Dr. Philip C. Dorroll

Associate Professor of Religion EMAIL: dorrollpc@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4563 OFFICE: 203 Main Building

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Trina Jones

Dr. Katherine Janiec Jones

Professor of Religion EMAIL: joneskj@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4638 OFFICE: 209 Main Building
Dr. Ingrid Lilly

Dr. Ingrid Lilly

Assistant Professor of Religion EMAIL: lillyie@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4457 OFFICE: 108 Main Building
Daniel Mathewson

Dr. Dan Mathewson

Associate Professor of Religion, Associate Provost for Faculty Development EMAIL: mathewsondb@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4560 OFFICE: 207 Main Building
Susan Thomas

Susan Thomas

Administrative Assistant EMAIL: thomassm@wofford.edu PHONE: 864-597-4058 OFFICE: 02 Main Building