Megan Kauffman, Wofford Class of 2015, was awarded the Presidential Scholarship to study medicine at Campbell University's School of Osteopathic Medicine. She says she entered the medical school application process confident and prepared in part because of her mock interview experience at Wofford.

A group of 16 Wofford students enjoyed the same opportunity last week when eight practicing physicians volunteered their time to share their expertise to help the next generation of health care professionals. Attending were: Dr. Jack Brunson, Dr. Betsy English (Wofford Class of 1985), Dr. Michael Hoenig (Wofford Class of 1998), Dr. Bill James (Wofford Class of 1972), Dr. John Scott, Dr. March Seabrook (Wofford Class of 1982), Dr. George Tyson (Wofford Class of 1972) and Dr. Grant Warren (Wofford Class of 1995).

The mock interviews, organized by the college's Pre-Med Program and The Space in the Mungo Center, allow current Wofford students to gain interview experience in a low-stress environment. According to Dr. Natalie Spivey, associate professor of biology and coordinator of the Pre-Med Program, each Wofford student had two 20-minute mock interviews designed to simulate an interview for medical school admission. Following the interview, the interviewer spent 10 minutes giving personalized advice to the student on how to improve before a “real” medical school interview.

In addition to mock interviews, the college’s Pre-Med Program provides students with clinical internships during Interim, hosts information sessions with admissions officers from regional medical schools and advises students on various health careers and requirements for enrollment in medical school.