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The Center for Innovation and Learning


The Center for Innovation and Learning aims to design, develop and integrate resources that enrich learning and teaching at Wofford, and to provide a locus for conversations, both within the Wofford community and with other institutions, about excellence and innovation in a residential liberal arts education.

Purposeful integration of research, curricular innovation, and support in The Center for Innovation and Learning is a step toward the academic synthesis a 21st century liberal arts college can offer both its own community members and society at large.

Our mission is four-fold: to support innovation in teaching, provide an environment for the support of teaching and learning, to support on-campus writing initiatives in curricular and co-curricular programming, and to assess for the effectiveness of innovations undertaken in the service of student learning.

Innovations in Teaching and Learning  Institutional Research and Assessment

Faculty Fellows 2014-15

Ryan Trauman will visit Wofford 4/20/15 and 4/21/15

New Trauma

4/20 3:30, Olin 213, "Writing Assignments, Textuality, and the Digital Humanities"

The advent of digital writing technologies has fundamentally changed the nature of 21st Century textuality. This shift had been relatively gradual over latter part of the Twentieth Century until the explosion of social networks, big data, and more powerful production tools radically destabilized concepts like "writing" and "the Humanities." In this talk, Ryan will briefly examine how and why these concepts are shifting. He will also discuss a variety of strategies for addressing traditional outcomes for writing assignments in the context of emerging and accessible tools available to students. Employing audio and/or video components as part of these assignments offers both students and instructors access to the widest variety of rhetorical choices, citation strategies, and options for delivery.