Employee Wellness FAQ

The employee walking program is a fitness program for Wofford faculty and staff.  Participants will work to increase daily activity as tracked by their Fitbit (or other device as available).

We have multiple challenges, which are announced in the daily announcements, by the Wofford College “It’s Your World, Walk It” site on Fitbit or by email to those who have registered Fitbits.  So stay tuned for the next challenge. They usually run monthly during the academic year.

By participating, you will have the opportunity to improve your daily activity with support from fellow faculty and staff members. You also will receive a Fitbit at a discounted price.

Register here to learn more about the Faculty/Staff Fitness Program.

Please email Lisa Lefebvre in the Wellness Center at lefebvrelm@wofford.edu to find out which Fitbits are available and prices.

That is terrific! You do not need to order a new Fitbit. Simply Register Here, then join the activity group on the Fitbit site “Wofford College It’s Your World, Walk It “ on the Fitbit community group.

Devices that are lost or broken can be replaced at a heavily discounted price. Please contact Lisa Lefebvre in the Wellness Center at lefebvrelm@wofford.edu.

That is a matter of personal opinion. Please visit the Fitbit site to review all of the options. They are constantly changing and updating devices.

Yes, there is an app for iPhones and Android phones.

As soon as you remember, put your Fitbit back on. All of the challenges are for multiple days so that if someone forgets, has a bad day or is sick they still can compete. Usually there is a total goal at the end of the challenge for just such events.

Yes, it belongs to you. We hope that you will continue to participate in additional challenges.

You can view the models on the Fitbit site and meet with Lisa Lefebvre to look at the types in stock. However, you cannot try one and then return it.

There are tutorials on the Fitbit site, and Lisa Lefebvre can assist you. Contact her at lefebvrelm@wofford.edu.