Special Interests

Please contact Talicia Murphy at murphyTI@wofford.edu if you have any questions about the activities and organizations listed below:

Association of Multicultural Students

The Association of Multicultural Students (AMS) exists to provide a cultural and social outlet for all students at Wofford College. Additionally, it strives to maintain a spirit of unity among all students of color.

AMS fulfills its mission via the following components:

  • Cultural Enrichment — Cultural programs and activities that promote appreciation of diverse people and cultures.
  • Social Enhancement — Socialactivities geared to ethnic minority student interests.
  • Transitions — Assistance for first-year students of color in the transition from high school to Wofford.
  • Alumni Relations — Interaction with alumni of color to promote leadership development and create an additional support network.
  • Community Outreach — Community service activities that encourage a spirit of “giving back.”

Ultimately, AMS is designed to enhance the collegiate experience of all students with an emphasis on the multicultural community thereby building better interpersonal relationships across the entire campus community. All members of the Wofford College student body are eligible to be members of AMS.

Our Theme: "Lift as We Climb" succinctly expresses our purpose.

Dance Marathon

In the spring of 2015, a group of Wofford students got together to create the first ever Wofford College Dance Marathon. The organization they created, in partnership with the national organization Miracle Network Dance Marathon, is dedicated to raising money for our local Children’s Miracle Network hospital with Prisma Health. Dance Marathon donates 100% of the funds raised directly to our local hospital. Wofford Dance Marathon joined a national movement started in 1983 that has raised over 5 billion dollars for 170 children’s hospitals. Since this organization has been on Wofford’s campus, we alone have been able to give over $12,000 to the Prisma Health Children’s Hospital- Upstate. Join the cause and help make history!

Our Mission as Wofford Dance Marathon is to educate our community on children’s diseases and to support the Prisma Health Children’s Hospital-Upstate. We hope to accomplish this through an annual fundraiser at Wofford College. All of our proceeds from this event will go directly to the Children’s Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina. Every dollar raised goes directly to the hospital, so every dollar goes to help save lives. The more money we raise, the bigger impact we can make!

For more information please contact Stephanie Pasquino at  pasquinosa@email.wofford.edu


Finite is a campus organization that plans events every Friday night for all students to attend! We are a fully-funded organization that aims to provide a space that all students can feel comfortable attending. Some examples of events in the past have been "Tie Dye and Pie," "The Hula Hoopla," and the "Ballin’ on a Budget: Tacky Prom @ Finite." We have a committed team that works to plan and carry out these events each week, and are always accepting of new leaders and helpers! For more information contact Annabelle Webb at webbar@email.wofford.edu.

Geek Guild

The Geek Guild seeks to bring together those with an interest in geeky or nerdy past-times. We organize events ranging from weekly Magic: the Gathering games to Smash tournaments. If that sort of thing interests you and you want to learn more about such things, or if there’s a sort of event we aren’t holding that you would like us to put together, come on by and join us!

Please direct all information and inquiries about the Guild to Julie at lyonsjm@email.wofford.edu, she should be able to help you with such things. If you can’t get ahold of her, another point of contact for the Guild is Chris Overton, our primary events coordinator. He can be contacted by email at overtoncm@email.wofford.edu.


LGBTerriers strives to develop a more equitably inclusive atmosphere at Wofford’s campus for all students as we support each other’s various identities and continue to grow through higher education. LGBTerriers dedicates a focus to the LGBT+ community including those on campus that are "out" or "discreet" about their identity. Through collaboration/developing allyship, campus activism, and social events, we seek to progress the campus to one where students feel free from exclusion, microaggressions, and or judgment. LGBTerriers aims to build a community of allyship and inclusion at Wofford College.

  • Cultivates a more inclusive Wofford experience by building allyship for different social identities.
  • Collaborates with on/off campus organizations to host mutual learning and great a sense of unity.
  • Celebrates different identities/experiences with a special focus on the LGBT+ community.

We do not have official members only officers; however, any student, regardless of identity, is welcomed to be involved with LGBTerriers.