The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life

The mission of Greek Life is to support and promote the overall success and development of the members of Wofford’s fraternity and sorority chapters through the following five core values:

  • Accountability: Hold members accountable to one another for their safety and security, their chapters’ bylaws, their national offices’ policies, the Greek Community and Wofford College.
  • Scholarship: Connect members to academic resources, help individual members and the chapters set academic goals, work with members who are struggling academically, and celebrate those members who achieve high academic standing.
  • Service: Provide opportunities for students to develop an understanding of their civic responsibility, an appreciation for differences and personal empathy by serving others and making a positive impact on their local and global communities.
  • Personal Development: Guiding purposeful student engagement, fostering a sense of community, providing opportunities of student growth and leadership development.
  • Unity: Develop and support the true sense of the Greek Life community by building relationships and increase the networking opportunities between students, alumni, parents and other partners.

Greek Week

Greek Week is an opportunity for all of the Greek community to come together for this annual tradition at Wofford College. Greek Week is a week of events and spirited competition between Greek chapters, all for a good cause.

President's Roundtable Meetings

Fraternity and sorority presidents will meet with Greek Life staff members at least once per semester to discuss community updates, events, and issues. In addition, presidents will conduct one on one meetings with Greek Life staff members to assist with setting individual and organizational goals.

Risk Management Education

It is crucial to the success of any Greek Life community to continually focus on risk management policies and procedures. At least once per semester, Greek leaders will participate in education on risk management policies and best practices for staying safe in chapter activities.