The The Currie B. Spivey Award

The Currie B. Spivey Award is given annually to the member of the college community whose work in he area of volunteerism has been truly exemplary. The award is named for the late Currie B. Spivey, a business leader, devoted volunteer, and a member of the Board of Trustees who died in 1991.

2000- Anna Shealy Quinn ‘00
2001- Tresca Johanna Hollis ’01 and Michaele Lorraine Mata ‘01
2002- Elizabeth Dearing Scarborough ’02 and Sara Joanna Ramsey ’02
2003- No Award Given
2004- Mark Line, Associate Dean of Students
2005- Minna Hosseini ‘05
2006- Sarah Smith ‘06
2007- Lauren Bayne '07
2009- Lindy Bunch '09
2010- Leland Covington Hallowell and Elijah Robinson III
2011- Jill Thrasher Hauserman