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 JF Develasco

Dr. Joaquin Fernandez DeVelasco
Professor of Foreign Languages

Dr. DeVelasco received a B.A. and B.S. from the Institute of Havana, an M.A. from Middlebury College and a doctorate from the University of Havana. Dr. DeVelasco, a Cuban exile, joined the faculty in 1963 and served the college until his retirement in 1985. Before coming to Wofford, DeVelasco served as Director of the Legal Department of Information of the General Accounting Office of the Cuban Government until 1960. During his tenure at Wofford, Professor DeVelasco was a member of the Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. Dr. DeVelasco died in 2002.

Harold Donald Dobbs Dr. Harold Donald Dobbs
Professor of Biology

Dr. Dobbs received his A.B., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Emory University. He joined the faculty in 1955 and served until his retirement in 1995. His biology 111 course launched the careers of numerous physicians.  During his tenure at Wofford, his former biology students created an endowed scholarship to be named in his honor in 1990. 

 Dennis Michael Dooley Dr. Dennis Michael Dooley
Professor of English

Dr. Dooley received his A.B. at Loyola College, his M. A. at Kent State University, and his Ph.D. at Vanderbilt University.  He came to Wofford in the fall of 1969, serving on the English faculty until his retirement in 2009.  While at Wofford, he was the director of the Wofford Writers Series, chair of the English department from 1995 to 2002, and taught courses in Southern, American, and Irish literature.  He was also the college marshal.  
Duncan Duncan

Professor David Duncan
Professor of Ancient Languages

Professor Duncan was born in Scotland and was a midshipman in the English Navy before coming to the United States.  After stints of teaching at various southern schools and colleges, including Randolph-Macon College, was elected to the original Wofford faculty in 1854. Professor Duncan was the first member to arrive at the college in June 1854. He served as the college’s treasurer for many years and it is said that the college bell never rang “without calling him to some college duty,” and continued his duties to the college into his eighties. Professor Duncan died in 1881.

William Wallace Duncan

Dr. William Wallace Duncan
Professor of Mental and Moral Philosophy

Bishop Duncan began his education at Randolph-Macon and completed his bachelor's degree at Wofford College in 1858.  He later received a D.D. from Emory College and Central Methodist College and an LL.D. from Trinity College, later Duke University.  Dr. Duncan, the son of Professor David Duncan, had a distinguished career before joining the Wofford faculty, entering the Virginia Annual Conference in 1859 and serving during the Civil War as a chaplain in the Confederate army. Duncan joined the faculty in 1875 and served the college until his election to bishop in the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, in 1886. During his tenure at Wofford, Dr. Duncan served as the college’s financial agent and treasurer and was one of the representatives of his church in 1881 at the Methodist ecumenical conference in London. After leaving Wofford, Bishop Duncan went on to preside over various conferences and served as president of Wofford's board of trustees. Bishop Duncan died in 1908.

  Dr. Linton Reese Dunson, Jr. 
Professor of Government

Dr. Dunson earned his A. B. degree at the University of Georgia and his Ph.D. at the University of Virginia.  He came to Wofford in the fall of 1966, and retired in 2008.  While at Wofford, he served as the Fred M. Gosnell Professor of Government and was department chair.  
Arthur Mason DuPre

Professor Arthur Mason DuPre
Dean and Professor of Mathematics and Latin

Professor DuPre received his A.B. and A.M. from Wofford College in 1895 and undertook further studies at Vanderbilt, the University of Chicago, and Cornell University. A distant relative of Daniel and Warren DuPre, Professor DuPre joined the faculty in 1895 and remained in the service of the college until his retirement, which was mandatory under an age limit rule in the college by-laws, in 1947. Dean DuPre had a distinguished career in the administration of Wofford College. From 1895 to 1897 he was the Assistant Headmaster of the Wofford Fitting School, and from that year until 1912 was Headmaster.  From 1912 to 1947 he was a Professor of Mathematics and Latin in the college.  From 1920 to 1940 he was the Dean of the College, except in 1925-26 when he was the college registrar. Professor DuPre was the acting President of Wofford College from 1920-21 and held the position of Dean and Registrar from 1933-1937.  He died in 1949. 

Daniel Alston DuPre

Professor Daniel Alston DuPre
Professor of Chemistry, Physics, and Geology

Professor DuPre received his A.M. from Wofford College in 1869. Daniel DuPre joined the faculty, after teaching in other areas, in 1872 and remained in the service of the college until his death in 1930. During his tenure, Professor DuPre first held the position of Co-Principal of the Preparatory Department after which he became a full professor of the natural sciences. During his tenure, Professor DuPre was active in the community; he organized the first music club in Spartanburg and was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Kennedy Free Library.

Warren DuPre

Professor Warren DuPre
Professor of Natural Science

Professor DuPre was one of the original faculty members of the college. DuPre was elected to the faculty in 1853 and served until he became the President of Martha Washington College in Virginia in 1876. Professor DuPre died in 1879.

  Dr. Vivian Boyd Fisher
Professor of English

Dr. Fisher earned her B.A. at Duke University and her M.A. and Ph.D. at Emory University.  She came to Wofford in 1973, teaching in the English department until her retirement in 2008.  She was the first woman to hold a tenure-track appointment and the first woman tenured professor at Wofford.  She was the chair of the English department from 2002-2008.  In retirement, she continues to be an active historic preservationist.  
Jacques Constant Bennebroeck Forbes

Professor Jacques Constant Bennebroeck Forbes
Professor of Foreign Languages

Forbes, a native of Curaco, Netherland Antilles, was educated at Baarn Lycee in Holland, received a B.A. from Gettysburg College, and master's degrees from the University of Maryland and from Tulane University. Professor Forbes joined the faculty in 1964, serving until his retirement in 1983. During his tenure at Wofford he was considered quite possibly the only scholar of Papiamento, which is a Creole language spoken on the Caribbean Islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaço. Before his arrival at Wofford, Professor Forbes served in the Royal Dutch Navy during World War II. Professor Forbes died in 1991.

Joseph Augustus Gamewell

Professor Joseph Augustus Gamewell
Professor of English and Latin

He was educated at Wofford College, where he received his bachelor's degree in 1871 and a master's degree in 1874; Professor Gamewell also was the recipient of an honorary doctor of laws.  Professor Gamewell joined the faculty in 1875 and remained in the service of the college until his death in 1940, making him the longest-serving faculty member in the college's history. Before coming to Wofford, Professor Gamewell taught at the Greenbrier School in Montgomery, Kentucky and in Mount Sterling, Kentucky. During his tenure he served as the faculty secretary for many years and as an assistant in the Preparatory Department. Also during his tenure, Professor Gamewell was the organizer and the first president of the Y.M.C.A. of Spartanburg and it was through his efforts that the first Lyceum circuit was established in South Carolina.  For many years, he ran the college's Lyceum.