Travel/Study Projects Availability & Virtual Fair Information

Join us for the Interim 2021 Travel/Study Virtual Fair on Thursday, October 22 at 11 am! Each program director will be hosting their own Virtual Information Session. To join an information session, click on the link under the Information Session Link column.

We’ll also be hosting a general information session to answer your Interim 2021 general questions at 11:30 am on Thursday, October 22.

Applications for Interim 2021 Travel/Study projects are due Thursday, November 12. Students can apply online by clicking the "Apply Now" button on their selected program's page.

For all important Interim abroad announcements, stay tuned to Daily Announcements and follow us on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

Sponsor(s) Title Project Availability Information Session Link
Dave Pittman Ron Robinson JAN 403 A: Thinking Like an Island: Sustainability Lessons from Hawaii for Spartanburg Accepting Applications Zoom Link
Philip Swicegood Tim Brown JAN 404 A: Fly Fishing the Florida Keys Accepting Applications Zoom Link
Jessalyn Story Toria Teamer JAN 405 A: Public Problem-Solving and Community Change Accepting Applications Contact Jessalyn Story or Toria Teamer for more information.
Youness Mountaki Emily Witsell JAN 410 A: Cultural Crossroads in Morocco Accepting Applications Zoom Link
Zach Davis Heidi Bostic JAN 411 A: The Dalmatian Coast from Dubrovnik to Venice: The History of an Empire Accepting Applications

Zoom Link
Passcode: 951966

Chuck Smith JAN 413 A: Belize: Ecotourism from Rainforest to Reefs No Longer Accepting Applications No Longer Accepting Applications
Chris Waidner Li Qing Kinnison JAN 416 A: From Patagonia to the Desert Coast: Culture, Geology and Wildlife in Chile Accepting Applications Zoom Link
Passcode: 925203
Tom Wright Geoff Mitchell JAN 418 A: Meet the Gorillas: Nature Tourism and the Rwanda Success Story Accepting Applications

Zoom Link
Passcode: 465584

Dave Kusher JAN 420 A: SCUBA Dive Bonaire, the Fish Capital of the Caribbean Accepting Applications Zoom Link
Mackay Salley Mark Ferguson JAN 421 A: Sustainability and Outdoor Adventure in Freiburg, Germany and the Black Forest Accepting Applications Zoom Link
Passcode: 770947
Tim Schmitz JAN 422 A: Spain in the Golden Age Accepting Applications HIST 465 is a pre-requisite for this program. Contact Tim Schmitz for more information.