Travel/Study Projects Availability

As the college continues to closely monitor the situation with COVID-19, we announced a decision to suspend the remaining five travel/study programs on January 11. This decision was made very carefully while weighing many factors, including, but not limited to:

  • The health and safety of our students, faculty and staff
  • Financial implications for students and families
  • Ethical concerns related to traveling to host communities
  • Logistical challenges surrounding group travel, potential travel restrictions and uncertainty of changing domestic and international COVID-19 policies and protocols
  • Adjustments needed to respond to and support successful travel and academic programming abroad and its impact on the student experience

Students who have paid a deposit for Interim 2021 travel/study will receive a refund posted to their accounts in the coming days. For questions related to Interim 2021 refunds, please contact the Business Office at 864-597-4228. Registration for all other Interim projects will take place February 2-3. For more information, please see the Interim website.

Sponsor(s) Title Project Availability
David Alvis JAN 384 A: Capitol Hill Internships Program Canceled
Dave Pittman Ron Robinson JAN 403 A: Thinking Like an Island: Sustainability Lessons from Hawaii for Spartanburg Program Canceled
Philip Swicegood Tim Brown JAN 404 A: Fly Fishing the Florida Keys Program Canceled
Jessalyn Story Toria Teamer JAN 405 A: Public Problem-Solving and Community Change Travel portion canceled
Youness Mountaki Emily Witsell JAN 410 A: Cultural Crossroads in Morocco Program Canceled
Zach Davis Heidi Bostic JAN 411 A: The Dalmatian Coast from Dubrovnik to Venice: The History of an Empire Program Canceled
Chuck Smith JAN 413 A: Belize: Ecotourism from Rainforest to Reefs Program Canceled
Chris Waidner Li Qing Kinnison JAN 416 A: From Patagonia to the Desert Coast: Culture, Geology and Wildlife in Chile Program Canceled
Tom Wright Geoff Mitchell JAN 418 A: Meet the Gorillas: Nature Tourism and the Rwanda Success Story Program Canceled
Dave Kusher JAN 420 A: SCUBA Dive Bonaire, the Fish Capital of the Caribbean Program Canceled
Mackay Salley Mark Ferguson JAN 421 A: Sustainability and Outdoor Adventure in Freiburg, Germany and the Black Forest Program Canceled
Tim Schmitz JAN 422 A: Spain in the Golden Age Program Canceled