Strategic Vision

Envisioning Wofford for the World — a new strategic visioning process:

Even as we all commit ourselves to immediate changes, we must use the opportunity that this moment in history presents to carry forward not just conversation but action to build a stronger and more inclusive Wofford College. That starts with thinking broadly and deeply as a campus community about race, equity, diversity and inclusion. Seven years ago, when I arrived at Wofford, we developed, executed and implemented a strategic visioning process that was inclusive, thoughtful and innovative. That process led to ideas to transform Wofford in enrollment, curriculum, student experience, our physical campus and community governance. The results of the strategic vision process have been — thanks to the extraordinary generosity and hard work of so many — quite impressive. We have realized nearly all of our goals.

Thus, I believe we should and can replicate this process to generate thoughtful, aspirational and realizable ideas, programs and policies to strengthen our community around race, diversity, equity and inclusion for today and the future. The process will be designed around inclusive listening and engagement for all Wofford constituencies. To that end, I have organized a campus steering committee to review the strategic vision process and revise it to our current needs and timeframe. We will start in the coming weeks and work through the fall, offering regular committee updates throughout the semester with the goal of presenting a draft vision document to the Wofford community in February.

These groups will reflect on the history of the college and its present in order to imagine a future in which the changing demographic landscape and trends in higher education will have an increasing impact on our campus.

This new visioning process makes institutional diversity, equity and inclusion the full responsibility of the entire college community. It is our commitment to the future. And real and lasting progress will take the concerted and sustained efforts of us all.

In the coming weeks, please look for ways you can get involved in this new Wofford for the World strategic vision. We will have a busy fall, but I urge everyone to make the time to support our college’s commitment to ending racism, oppression and injustice, wherever it may reside. In this we must succeed because our Wofford College has an important mission in this world, and we cannot truly fulfill that mission unless everyone in our community is valued.

Steering Committee

The role of the steering committee – focused on Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI)—is to recommend to the Board of Trustees a strategic plan and vision for an equitable and just Wofford for the future.

Strategic Vision 2014

Wofford’s vision for the future “embraces an intimate student population for one-on-one learning, integrates residential and extracurricular into the learning experience, and celebrates diversity, financial and environmental sustainability, and creativity and community involvement.”