This semester has been the most unusual one in my career, just as this time has been perhaps the most unusual time in our lives. We are all accustomed to making decisions based on research, best practices and experience. The novelty of a pandemic, however, has changed even that.

In this time of discomfort and uncertainty, however, we have learned much about ourselves. We have developed new skills, looked at life in different ways and gained resiliency. We are more creative, more resourceful and more focused than ever before on the future of Wofford College.

This Wofford Today shares a snapshot of what the spring looked like this year on campus. This issue also pays tribute to the Class of 2020 and a group of retiring professors whose final semester on campus did not end as expected. The campus has been quiet, but we still found ways to teach and learn. We supported each other and found ways to make connections, build relationships, secure internships and plan research experiences. And we will continue to do the same as we look toward the future together.

Stay well, Terriers. We will conquer and prevail!

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Nayef H. Samhat