Gary Blount ’10 and Elizabeth Leventis ’09 aren’t too far removed from graduation to remember the transition from college student to independent adult. 

“Navigating the world of personal finance upon graduation can be overwhelming,” says Leventis. “Our objective in getting involved while students are still in college is to offer insight into what lies ahead and provide a foundation of basic financial literacy. We hope to accelerate that process by equipping students and graduates with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed financially.”

The Office of Advancement, in conjunction with The Space and the Department of Athletics, has sponsored the workshops, which began in September with a trivia night held in The Space in the Mungo Center and will continue throughout the year. The first workshop educated seniors on budgeting and managing postgraduate finances. The second workshop focused on managing long-term financial goals and the importance of giving back. 

“Even those of us who take finance or accounting courses don’t always know how we can apply these concepts in our daily lives and personal finances,” says Sarah Sarb ’17. “I look forward to going to future workshops and learning more about life after college.” 

Blount and Leventis, both of Foresters Financial in Charlotte, N.C., and both graduated Wofford student-athletes, would like to see Wofford students find financial security so that they will give back to the college.

“I hope these seminars will help seniors learn some basic money management skills, but more importantly, learn how to access various tools and resources available to make good financial decisions,” says Blount. “I feel that a better understanding of finances and money issues will help these future Wofford alumni become better citizens with the capacity to support Wofford in a meaningful way.”