When Gov. Nikki Haley called Rick Reames ’97 and asked him to lead the South Carolina Department of Revenue, he was honored, yet also unsure. A partner with a large, regional law firm, Reames had spent the past 15 years building a successful tax law practice. He enjoyed his work and was invested in his team and the needs of his clients.

Reames ultimately was swayed by the prospect of helping transition the department out of what had been a tumultuous past few years and into a new era. His professional experience equipped him with a clear understanding of the department’s impact on the state’s fiscal stability. It also made Reames keenly aware of significant opportunities for improvement and the critical importance of moving the department forward.

“I appreciate the trust Gov. Haley and the South Carolina Senate have placed in me,” says Reames. “I am honored for the opportunity to advance the department in service to South Carolina.”

Reames credits Wofford for providing a strong academic foundation and unique learning experience as well as fostering meaningful relationships that remain today. As director, Reames is committed to strengthening security while also advancing functionality, service and accountability. He already has instituted a system to better track internal processes and performance and has begun implementation of a new tax processing system to enhance customer service and bolster fraud detection and prevention.

“Rick Reames has proven to be a tremendous asset at the Department of Revenue since taking over the job last year, and we’re excited to see where his leadership will continue to take the agency,” Haley says. “He has done a wonderful job improving security and communications at DOR, and we’re confident that, under his leadership, the agency will serve South Carolinians as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

Pictured above (L to R): Billy Rawl ’91, office auditor; Milton Kimpson ’83, general counsel; Reames; Ashley Shaw Thomas ’97, communications director; Ruby Singh ’10, project coordinator; and Will Starnes ’12, law clerk.

by Ashley Shaw Thomas ’97