By Robert W. Dalton

Wofford’s All Saints Remembrance Tolling of the Bell ceremony took on a special meaning for Patrick Lindsay ’23 on Tuesday.

The names of students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends of the college who have died during the past year are read each year on Nov. 1, and the bell in Main Building tolls for each of them. It tolled 177 times on Tuesday. Number 151 was for Dawson Jerome Stallworth Jr. ’64, Lindsay’s grandfather.

“It’s a little more personal this year,” says Lindsay, an international affairs major from Camden, South Carolina. “It means a lot to me, and I know it would mean a lot to my grandfather.”

Stallworth was supposed to visit Lindsay and Margaret Ann Hughes ’24, his granddaughter, over Homecoming Weekend. But he died Friday (Oct. 28).

“We were supposed to eat dinner together Thursday night,” Lindsay says. “The last time I talked to him was last Sunday (Oct. 23). “We were just catching up on Wofford and South Carolina football.”

The tolling of the bell is a Wofford tradition, and it tolls three times for every student – to welcome them to campus as first-year students, to celebrate their graduation and upon their death.

Before the operation of the bell was mechanized, students known as Bellringers received a scholarship to ring the bell. Today’s Bellringers assist the Office of Admission with recruitment events and receive a scholarship for their participation.

The Rev. Dr. Ron Robinson, the college’s Perkins-Prothro Chaplain and professor of religion, decided to add the modern-day Bellringers to Tuesday’s ceremony.

“I wanted to bring the past and the present together,” says Robinson. “Wofford is a place where tradition and history matter, and I thought it would be meaningful to bring them together.”

Bladen Bates ’23, an art history and psychology double major from Travelers Rest, South Carolina; Anna Lee Hoffman ’23, a humanities major from Milton, Georgia; and Olivia Turner ’23, a humanities major from Lexington, Kentucky, climbed into the tower to toll the bell. Robinson noted during the ceremony that it was the first time women had tolled the bell.

Nick Ackard ’23, a finance and humanities double major from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina; and Hampton Randall ’23, an environmental studies major from Simpsonville, South Carolina, participated in the reading of the names.

“This is probably my favorite Wofford tradition,” says Turner. “Each tour I give, when we’re on the other side of Main Building and I tell about the tolling of the bell I get chills. It’s a testament to how Wofford cares for you throughout your lifetime.”

Below is a list of those remembered this year:

Moyer Fairey Albergotti, former parent
Arthur Steven Alexander ’77
George Frierson Altman ’54
Norbert S. Artzt , friend
Rhett Brooks Austin ’96
Walter Franklin Bacon ’71
Thomas Richard Bailey ’97
Martha Burnette Ballentine, former parent
Robert Barr Jr., former parent
Edwin Newman Beery Jr. ’67
Charles Albert Bethea ’65
Dr. Victor Bilanchone, former parent, retired faculty
Wayne Neil Billings ’71
William A. Blackwood Jr., friend
Joseph H. Blanton II ’73
Joseph Alfred Borum Jr. ’66
Dr. Judith M. Brandt, friend
Leonard Hobson Buff Jr. ’55
Roderick Mark Buie III ’74
John Sherrod Bumgardner ’11
Boyce Ansel Bush ’51
Steve Butler ’80
David Gatlin Byrd ’53
John Earl Calvert Jr. ’53
John Thorne Camby ’78
Lisa B. Capes, friend
John Zachary Carnes ’83
David Wade Carpenter ’75
Michael Eugene Cavin ’60
Thaddeus Ciba, friend
Cermette Justing Clardy Jr. ’57
Michael Allen Cobb ’62
Philip Dahms Coffin ’62
Beulah Yates Collins, friend
Walter C. Converse, former parent
William John Copses, former parent
The Rev. George Walton Farrell Cox ’54
Arthur W. Craig Jr., friend
Carolyn Creal, friend
Millard Lopez Crotzer Jr. ’57, former parent
James Daniel Dantzler ’69
Perrin Quarles Dargan Jr. ’60
Elva Mitchum Day, former parent
Charles Warren Derrick Jr. ’58
William Slaughter Derrick ’61
Charles Loy Dickson Jr. ’50
Ann Hemperley Dobbs, friend
Dr. Dennis M. Dooley, retired faculty
Dale Giles Earhart, friend
Chad David Ellett, former parent
Charles Hubbard Eschenbach ’65
Raymond Converse Eubanks Jr. ’56
William Way Fick Jr. ’73
Thomas Patrick Floyd ’99
Lenna M. Fulmer, friend
Larry Alman Gable ’72, former parent
Jean Crosby Gasque, friend
Philip Hamlet Gibson ’55
Vernon Wilson Goodlett ’56
William A. Gray Jr. ’63
Joe L. Greenlee ’76, former parent, retired staff
Philip Dupre Greer ’62
Geoffrey Randolph Griffin ’08
James A. Grimsley Jr., former parent
Verlinda Ruth Gunter ’85
James D. Haile, former parent
Anne Ayers Hames, former parent
Harold Fleming Harris ’61
Carl Donald Hathcock ’72
Ralph George Hellmer Jr. ’80
Amanda Gay Henderson ’82
Selma Rae Henderson, former parent
David Furman Herbert ’56
Kelly Marie Herring ’26
Richard Emery Hollis ’58
John Murchison Jackson III ’69
Stephen Terrell Jeter ’85
Clarence Birnie Johnson Jr. ’53
Mary Holmes Johnston, former parent
Donald Collins Jones ’61
The Rev. Phil Mace Jones ’51
Stephen Bruce Jones ’67
Harry Thomas Jordan ’60
Thomas William Kelly Jr. ’61
William Michael Kessinger ’92
Francis Edward Kirkley Jr. ’68
John Michael Kohler Jr., friend
Clarence Odell Koon ’65
Hugh K. Leatherman Sr., former parent
Gregory Hines Leekley ’89
Thomas Theodore Lewandowski ’65
Joyce Lewis, friend
RaeJean Lipscomb, friend
Kenneth Lee Loftis ’65
William Webster Lucado Jr. ’79
Heyward Charlie Luckey ’64
Albert Manning Lynch Sr. ’50, former parent
Albert Bernard Martin ’64
Rachel Quarles McCalla, friend
Gentry Forrest McColm ’93
Glenn Albert McCoy ’72
Francis Martin McDermott ’72
John Scott McFadden ’83
Peden Brown McLeod ’62, former parent
Leslie Love McMillan Jr., former parent
George Arthur Meares Jr. ’57
Henry Townes Medlock II ’71
Glen Robert Melton ’61, former parent
Charles Henry Mercer ’40
John William Mitchell Jr. ’68
Melvin Hayes Mizell ’60
Joseph Carroll Moon ’70
Elias Horry Morrison, former parent
Harold Dean Motts ’60
Harold J. Ness, former parent
Barry Carlisle Newton ’62
George S. Nicholson Jr. ’64
James C. Nimmich, former parent
Marian M. Norman, friend
Corry Winston Oakes III ’89, former trustee
Donald Everette Owens ’68
Michael Rudolph Parades, former parent
Harry LeGette Parker ’54
William Harlan Pegram ’68, former parent
Richard H. Pennell, friend
Jack E. Peterson , friend
The Rev. Jerry Leroy Phillips Sr. ’64
Gwin Adams Pierce Jr. ’66
Philip Gordon Pitts ’59
Fredrick Emde Placak ’67
Mildred Matthews Poole, friend
Ronald Lee Poole ’62
Timothy Edward Powers ’87
Paul Lee Ramsey ’71
Wallace Robert Reeves III ’60
John Spence Reid ’65
Donald Norman Renouf ’67
Wilbur Michael Riddle ’64
Susanne Marie Robicsek, friend
Merle Darrow Russ ’73
The Rev. George Bull Salley Jr. ’59
Elliott Franklin Sanders ’54
Ramon Schwartz III ’74
Marilyn F. Scruggs, friend
James E. Seegars Jr., retired faculty, former parent
Shirley T. Seegars, friend
Conrad Allen Senn ’59
Henry Proctor Sermons ’59
Paul David Sloan Jr. ’64
Lee Cole Smith Jr. ’58
Dawson Jerome Stallworth Jr. ’64, former parent, grandparent
Kenneth Lynn Steen ’80
Carlton Eugene Stout, friend
Granville Lassiter Sydnor ’55
John Louis Tate ’58, former parent
Claude Earle Thomas ’62
Leon Edwin Thompson, former parent
George Cameron Todd Jr. ’77, former parent
Neil Dallas Vaughan, friend
Diane E. Vie, former parent
Jesse Linwood Wade Jr. ’61
Edwin A. Wahlen Jr., friend
John Townsend Wakefield, former parent
Oliver Blake Webber Jr. ’59
Dewey Edward Welchel, retired faculty
Clyde Otamus Wells Jr. ’48, former parent
Crissie Louise Wells, friend
Frederick Wessels IV ’84
Douglas Wayne Whetsell ’65
Donald Chester Williams ’67
John King Williams Sr. ’59
Barbara Willm, former parent
Charles Witzleben, former parent
Osborne Glenn Wood Jr. ’64
Joseph Edwin Worley ’69
Loyless Thomas Wright Jr. ’70
Harriet Travers Yarbrough, former parent