If you’re looking to start a new exercise program, learn how to shoot craps or bake flatbreads, Lifelong Learning at Wofford College’s summer session has got you covered.

Registration for the summer term opened Tuesday. On the schedule are eight classes and nine one-day special events – including two sessions of gravestone restoration. The term kicks off on May 19 with a guided tour of Hatcher Gardens. All other classes and special events will be held in June.

Lifelong Learning is intended for adult students to enjoy extracurricular learning without worrying about grades or diplomas. Summer classes are open to members and non-members. Scholarships are available.

Most classes and special events will be held in person. The cost of the classes and the one-day special events varies.

“Summer with Lifelong Learning at Wofford is a great time to try something new,” says Lucy Woodhouse, the program director. “With shorter classes and an array of one-time events, adult learners can have fun, find new friends and learn with no homework or tests.”

For more information on Lifelong Learning at Wofford or to register, visit https://www.campusce.net/wofford or call 864-597-4415.