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  • Work. Play. Change. Wofford Theatre will change you. It will transform your heart, your body, and your mind. Wofford Theatre will prepare you to live the life of a creative, engaged individual who makes transformative contributions to his/her chosen profession, community, and the world.Wofford Theatre teaches and requires the habits of artistic and intellectual excellence: hard work, integrity, courage, collaboration, creativity, fun, and play.

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    Meet the Faculty

    Meet the faculty members of Wofford's Theatre department and learn more about their interests and teaching specialities.


    Program Description

    Get a description of Wofford’s Theatre program. Information includes an overview of courses offered, any special tracks of study and unique opportunities open to students majoring in Theatre.


    Major & Minor Requirements

    Everything you need to know about the requirements to obtain a major or minor in Theatre including number of hours, course distribution demands and any capstone experiences that are required.

    Two students in a Theatre production


    Find out what courses are offered for Theatre majors and see if any pre-requisites, co-requisites or special permissions are required.


    Study Abroad in Theatre

    The Theatre Department, like the College as a whole, is strongly committed to study abroad. See a list of study abroad opportunities in theatre.