Dr. Byron McCane, five Wofford students and a recent Wofford alumnus participated in an archeological discovery that McCane calls, "one of the most memorable moments in my 25 years of experience in archaeology." Click the photo for more information.

Five Wofford students and a recent alum are on an archeological dig with Dr. Byron McCane in Israel. Phifer Nicholson '16 shares a reflection called "Why Do We Dig?" about his time there. Click the photo for more information.

Mills Brown '15 writes about the power of the gift made by the Richardsons and what it will mean to generations of Wofford students. Click the photo for more information.

2015 graduate Cody Watson's program PyMethyl has been downloaded tens of thousands of times and is used in labs around the globe. This fall, he'll begin a Ph.D. at the College William & Mary. Click the photo for more information.

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Wofford to host presidential candidate Jindal Aug. 20

 Part of U.S. Sen. Tim Scott’s Town Hall series

Tens of Thousands of Downloads and Counting

Watson’s internship leads to advancement in breast cancer research

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Executive Speaker Series: Bill Cochran, GMAC (Ally Bank) retired, Great Oaks Hall

11 a.m.

Tuesday, July 27

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