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    The purpose of the sociology department is to make the student more aware of the society and the world in which he or she lives. The sociological perspective is of great value in a world where societies are increasingly complex and the societal forces that influence our lives more indirect and subtle.

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    Major & Minor Requirements

    Everything you need to know about the requirements to obtain a major or minor in Sociology including number of hours, course distribution demands and any capstone experiences that are required.

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    Find out what courses are offered for Sociology majors and see if any pre-requisites, co-requisites or special permissions are required.

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    Get basic degree and contact information about the professors in the department of Sociology.

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    Why Sociology?

    An understanding of society is useful in any career, including the most important and basic career of all, the leading of a successful and worthwhile life.

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    Take a look at the great work our students are doing as a part of their Sociology coursework.

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