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    Wofford's Psychology Program is an exciting place to learn. Psychology is one of the most exciting and rapidly growing fields on college campuses across the country. Wofford Psychology majors participate in exciting research opportunities both on and off campus and are also offered the chance to complete an interdisciplinary program in neuroscience.

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    Meet the Faculty

    Learn more about Psychology professors including their research interests, what degrees they hold and their past teaching experience. Their classes taught and contact information are also included.

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    Information for Majors

    Everything you need to know about the requirements to obtain a major or minor in Psychology including number of hours, course distribution demands and any capstone experiences that are required.

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    Program in Neuroscience

    The program in neuroscience at Wofford is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the biology and psychology departments that allows students to gain in depth knowledge about the brain.


    Tour Our Facilities

    Wofford has made several state of the art labs available for students studying various fields within the Psychology Department.

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  • Chaser Research on NOVA

    Chaser with NOVA
    Learn about "The Chaser Story"

    Research with Chaser, a border collie, by Dr. John Pilley and Dr. Alliston Reid has received worldwide attention. Chaser's incredible language abilities are demonstrated on NOVA ScienceNOW where Dr. Neil Tyson tested Chaser's knowledge of 1022 names of objects. Check this out for more information about "The Chaser Story."