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Iquitos, PeruThe Spanish program in the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures is one of the most dynamic and robust language programs in the region. The program features an interdisciplinary approach in all levels of language instruction and welcomes the diversity brought by numerous double majors. The program boasts a high retention rate beyond the College language requirement and graduates more than twenty majors in most years. From the basic requirement through senior-level courses, the Spanish faculty work collaboratively to provide students with creative, engaging experiences in the classroom and community in preparation for the world beyond Wofford.


Students begin the program in Spanish when they are placed according to their high school records in the appropriate level of instruction. Most begin in Intermediate Spanish, a course designed collaboratively and taught by all Spanish faculty members each fall. Intermediate Spanish introduces students to media, pop culture, and film from Latin America and Spain while pushing students to improve their skills in Spanish. Advanced Spanish, generally taken in the second year, provides students a chance to engage in community-based, service learning while they study language and culture. From there, students go on to study literature, culture, and film from an array of thematic and genre-based courses. Students also incorporate a semester stint abroad to complete the major, choosing among programs offered by study abroad consortia in Latin America and Spain.

Spanish Faculty

Laura Barbas Rhoden leads current department efforts in community engagement in Spartanburg and conducts research in Central American studies and in the field of ecocriticism. Camille Bethea directs the Latin American Studies program and coordinates the Intermediate level of Spanish. As a Wofford graduate herself, Dr. Bethea is active in the campus community as both faculty member and alumna. Begoña Caballero joined the Department in 2006, adding her enthusiasm for theater and a connection to southern Spain to the diverse interests of the department. Patricia Nuriel came to Wofford in 2008 and adds expertise in Latin American Jewish studies. Dr. Britt Newman joined the department in 2012.

The Spanish faculty are pleased to welcome a visiting professor, who joins us for a semester. The Spanish program also counts on Amy Lancaster and Ana María Wiseman in the Office of International Programs, and on John Akers.