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  • All of Wofford’s modern language majors spend a semester studying abroad in an area of the world that speaks the language they are studying. In addition all modern language majors earn internationally recognized certificates in oral and written language proficiency from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, a value-added credential positioning them for the workplace or graduate study.

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    Immerse yourself in one of the world’s oldest languages. Explore the traditions, current events, and future of an emerging superpower! Study media and pop culture from the Chinese-speaking world.

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    Wofford’s French program focuses on the media and culture of France and the francophone world while pushing you to improve your skills in oral and written expression.

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    As a German language student, you will improve your speaking abilities by studying media and culture from the German-speaking world. You have a myriad of opportunities abroad while living with native-speaking host families and taking university classes.

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    As a Spanish student, you will study media and pop culture from both Latin America and Spain while also improving your skills in Spanish. Spanish majors study abroad in places as varied as Madrid, Granada, Quito, Lima, and Cochabamba.

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    Arabic has been termed a critical language by the US Government, and opens a wide range of educational and employment possibilities for its students. At Wofford, we employ a communicative approach in our Arabic language pedagogy.

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    Latin American & Caribbean Studies

    The Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies Program provides an integrated interdisciplinary approach to the historical, political, social, and cultural inter-relationships of the nations and peoples of our hemisphere.