Journals A to Z

Journals A to Z

Get a comprehensive list of journals to which Wofford subscribes.

Citing Sources

Citing Sources

Guides for citing sources and tips on avoiding plagiarism

Writing Center Highlight

Writing Center

Free peer tutoring on all aspects of writing

Academic Support Services

Academic Support Services

Know who to turn to for academic support.

Library Blogs

Methodists and Race in South Carolina

This was my column in the February 2016 issue of the SC United Methodist Advocate Methodists, like any other g...More

Robert E. Lee and the Calhoun Literary Society

I like to share interesting documents from time to time, and this one came up recently. As many of you know, t...More

R. A. Patterson, chemist-biologist

For many years in the early 20th century, Raymond A. Patterson was about a third of the science faculty at the...More

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