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    Study of the American political system, political systems in other countries, international relations, and political concepts and ideas is in keeping with liberal arts traditions emphasizing broad learning in basic academic fields instead of specialized, vocational education. It is important to foster an appreciation of our cultural, intellectual, and political heritage.

  • Major Information

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    Major & Minor Requirements

    Everything you need to know about the requirements to obtain a major in government including number of hours, course distribution demands and any capstone experiences that are required.

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    Optional Concentrations

    Students majoring in Government may choose to deepen their study of politics by choosing one of three optional concentrations in American Politics, World Politics or Political Thought.

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    Find out what courses are offered for government majors and see if any pre-requisites, co-requisites or special permissions are required.

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  • Faculty

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    Meet the Faculty

    Learn more about government professors including what degrees they hold and how to contact them.

  • Get Involved

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    Public Policy

    The Public Policy Committee is strictly non-partisan and seeks to encourage student participation in politics and government as part of the college's civic education initiative.