About Interim

Before January 1968, few Wofford students were eager to leave the warmth of their homes at the end of winter break for exams on Wofford’s rainy and cold January campus. That changed with the college’s first Interim. For many students, Interim 1968 provided an opportunity for their first flight on an airplane, their first trip outside the United States and their first experience with another culture and way of life.

During the inaugural Interim, Wofford students left their chalkboards and desks to live among the ruins of the ancient Roman Empire, with Spanish-speaking families in Mexico or with hippies in San Francisco. They studied jazz in New Orleans; art in Florence, Italy, and international politics at the United Nations in New York City. They explored possible careers in the ministry, teaching and medical research. They developed and produced the college’s first play and created the foundation of the Wofford Theatre Workshop. Thanks to Interim, the walls of Wofford were expanding along with student consciousness.

Some things haven’t changed.

Interim today still harkens back to the original Interim proposal, giving “both teacher and student the liberty to explore, to experiment, to try new approaches, and in doing so to run risks that cannot be run during the regular semester when the emphasis is different…. The Interim program has as its keynote innovation and experiment.”