An Internship Put Her on the Right Track 

Anoquesha Gaither '15 

Edited by Addie Lawrence '16

AnoqueshaMajor: Pre-Med
Came to The Space to Prepare for: Getting an Internship
Result: Learned the basics of medical school at VCOM in a month

7 questions for Anoquesha:

Q1. Why did you want to intern with VCOM? 

I was planning on doing an internship, but I didn't know where to go because I wanted to do something in the medical field. So why not intern at a med school? I plan on going to VCOM (Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, in Spartanburg), so I thought interning there would help me learn the ins and outs of the school.

Q2. What did you do as an intern?

I was a student during the morning. In the afternoon, I’d shadow five different doctors. I learned how to put on casts, take off casts, do bone injections. I went through a quick clinical rotation. I did one little step of everything that I would go through in medical school, just to get my feet wet. I think the most interesting thing was when I had to work with cadavers, which was my biggest fear. I didn't think I’d like it at first. I thought I’d be scared. But it was actually pretty fun.

Q3. How do you plan to use your internship experience in the future?

I really liked the hands on aspect of medical school. The things that I learned there are the first steps of what I’ll learn in med school. I can use what I learned as my motivation to make it through medical school. I also ended up networking with a lot of people. The person I was working with is the dean of academics, and the other doctor that I was shadowing does the interviews for medical school, and that’s who I reported to on a daily basis. So I feel like that was a great opportunity to meet him, so that he’ll remember my face when that time comes.

Q4. What is the importance of having an internship as a current college student?

I honestly feel like every college student should have an internship. I went into the internship with my mind set on OB-GYN, but now I don’t want to do that anymore. I’m going to do pediatrics instead. So, I’m really thankful for the internship. I feel like it’s really important just to try out what you might be doing on a daily basis to see if it’s what you want to wake up to every morning.  

Q5. Why did you go to The Space? 

I came to The Space because I had missed the deadline for the medical internship Interim with Dr. Moss. I wanted to do an internship because none of the other Interims were really standing out to me. So I went and had a meeting with Jennifer Dillenger, and I was telling her what I wanted to do, the things I didn't want to do, and the focus I was going towards.

Q6. How did The Space help you? 

Jennifer Dillenger spoke with the people at VCOM. We sat down and did my resume over and over and over again until we got it perfect. She said, “I want you to be the best candidate that you can be, and I want you to really stand out.” After the whole process was over, they told me “You have the best resume we’ve ever seen.” I’d never utilized The Space before, and I had a great outcome. I didn’t just get an internship. I had a meeting last week to make up back-up plans. What if medical doesn't work out, or what if I change my mind? I worked with Jennifer to develop three or four different options for back-up plans. The Space is a great place. I’m coming back.

Q7. Do you have any advice for other students? 

Come to the Space, because they actually do help. You just really need to take the time to utilize them, because they are here for a reason. And I would advise every college student to do an internship to see if this is what they really want to do. Make sure you stay on top of your time; that’s the key to everything in your life.

 Q&A edited by Addie Lawrence ‘16 


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