Should you attend the Sophomore Experience? 

studentsTake this quiz and find out!

1. Which field trip would you prefer?

a. Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef
b. An archeological dig in Greece
c. A behind-the-doors, insider look at Washington and the White House
d. Exploring traditional food in Chile
e. China: a comprehensive study of its economy and cities
f. The Louvre in Paris
g. The next Olympics

2. Where are you right now?

a. Milliken
b. The library
c. My room
d. Off campus
e. The Space
f. Montgomery Music Building
g. Richardson Building

3. Tell me something about a glass of water.

a. Your glass of water is made of H2O, or covalently bonded atoms. Without these bonds, it’s doubtful that life would exist at all.
b. Systems of water transportation are fascinating – can you imagine how hard it would be to obtain water without modern plumbing? We really owe a lot to the Romans for creating aqueducts.
c. The government ensures the quality of drinking water. Without regulation, it’s possible that your glass of water would be full of pollutants.
d. In Italy, they don’t usually serve flat tap water – instead, it’s this cool fizzy water. You have to specifically ask for a glass of regular water!
e. It’s really interesting to see how water influences the economy of a nation. It’s also been rumored that the next World War will be fought over the supply of water – that glass of water is a precious and scarce commodity.
f. Water has gorgeous reflective and refractive properties. An element of water in an artwork can be very visually stimulating - but it can also make a glass of water hard to paint or draw.
g. It is so important to stay hydrated and healthy – you should really drink 8 glasses of water a day. More if you’re working out and competing.

4. Dream job?

a. I’m hoping to go to medical school, and then become a doctor or researcher. Possibly an engineer. I haven’t quite decided what field yet.
b. I would love to be a journalist. Or a teacher.
c. I’m thinking about running for an election after I gain some experience in a political campaign. But I think I would do a good job in management, too.
d. Can I just travel and eat food? Is that a job?
e. I’m staring my own business after college. But I’ve toyed with the idea of being a consultant.
f. I’d love to open my own studio. Or curate for MoMA. I might go for a Masters first.
g. If I don’t go pro, I’m thinking about being a dietician, physical therapist, or a health specialist. Or a coach. Sports has been such an important part of my life, I can’t imagine not having a career in the sports field.
h. I wish I knew what I want to do.

5. I chose Wofford because…

a. It has strong academics, and I feel intellectually challenged here.
b. I love the community. Wofford really is a family.
c. The faculty-student relationships are outstanding. I love that I see our administration at football games and at campus events.
d. I look good in black & gold – no, just kidding! Wofford is home for me, but I came because of its strong study abroad programs.
e. I knew Wofford’s liberal arts education would prepare me well for my professional life.
f. It is so easy to be involved at Wofford. And if the extracurricular club I want doesn’t exist, I can create it.
g. I love my team. I’m here as a scholar-athlete, and I’m a Terrier at heart.



Mostly A’s: Can you micro-pipette? Maybe you know how to calculate the forces on a swinging pendulum, or maybe you think about the pons every night before you go to sleep. Is it true that the amount of time you’ve spent in Milliken exceeds the amount of time you’ve spent in your room this semester? You should get out of there – and come to Charlotte. The Sophomore Experience can help you snag those internships you’ll need for graduate school, and maybe you’ll come up with a cool way to incorporate your passion for music into your career as well.

Mostly B’s: Do you find it interesting that the people of yesterday formed the world of today? You can name history’s most important dates with ease, and the Alamo is on your bucket list of places to visit. Sometimes you think about the butterfly effect – and what the world would be like if Franz Ferdinand had never been shot. Have you ever thought that the Sophomore Experience could be a turning point in the history of your life? Maybe you should come find out how your love for the past can create a career for your future.

Mostly C’s: Did you keep all of your friends updated on the government shutdown? You read the newspaper occasionally and always vote (as you should). You can debate current issues pretty well. Is it accurate to say you could guess the next presidential candidates? The Sophomore Experience is right up your alley – we can show you how to network, how to put those leadership skills to use, and how to initiate change within your workplace.

Mostly D’s: You’ve stamped your passport a couple times – or if you haven’t yet, you know you will soon. You’ve got that wanderlust and a good bit of curiosity. How does that translate into a career? CIA spy? Foreign magazine editor? Food connoisseur? Tour guide for South America’s hottest cities? You don’t know, but that’s okay – come to the Sophomore Experience and let’s talk about it.

Mostly E’s: Your interview outfit is ready to go. Are you going to graduate school to be a lawyer? For a masters degree in business so you can rock Wall Street? It doesn’t matter - you have an entrepreneurial spirit, and that’s great! Come to the Sophomore Experience and we’ll discuss the skills you need to be successful.

Mostly F’s: Did you win Most Artistic in high school? Most Musical? Do you doodle in class? Maybe you know you’re a right brain thinker and you don’t know what to do about it. Starving artist doesn’t sound like a great career, but neither does an office cubicle… The Space can help. You should come to the Sophomore Experience and learn about how to transform your strengths into a living you love.

Mostly G’s: It’s more than possible that you own more workout clothes than dress-up outfits. Your friends don’t understand how you can wake up so early for lifting – but it’s all just part of being an athlete. You wouldn’t trade it for anything. So how does it fit into your professional life after Wofford? Find out at the Sophomore Experience.

Mostly H’s: Heck, you don’t know what you’re going to do yet. And that’s quite alright. Maybe you haven’t declared your major - maybe you’re waiting for that one subject to grab your attention. Would you like some guidance? We can point you in the right direction, or at least help you figure out what you love to do. Come to the Sophomore Experience.