Alumni Directory

There are many benefits of a Wofford education, but one that you will enjoy throughout your life is access to an accomplished network of fellow graduates. The college works to continuously improve access to and communication between our alumni. Currently, there are four options for contacting Wofford alumni:

1. Alumni Directory on myWofford: 

A searchable Alumni Directory is available through the password-protected myWofford web portal. Search individually or by class year. At this time, very little employment information is available.

Access the Alumni Directory via myWofford

2. Alumni Directory on CD:

If you live in the Upstate, SC area, you may search the Wofford Alumni Directory on CD. The CD includes an index of alumni organized by professional fields.

You may schedule an appointment to use the Alumni Directory CD by contacting the Career Services Office at 864-597-4260 or via email.

3. Printed Alumni Directory: 

The printed version of the alumni directory was updated in 2009 and includes listings by geographical location as well as by professional fields. 

Contact the Alumni Office by telephone at 864-597-4185 or via email for availability and purchase details.

4. Social Media:  

  • LinkedIn: There are hundreds of Wofford alumni and current students with profiles in the Wofford Alumni Network on LinkedIn, the professional networking site. With a LinkedIn profile, you can perform geographic, industry and company searches to locate possible connections for business or social purposes. You can even promote your own business within the group.
  • Facebook: Search the Wofford Alumni Facebook Page to locate alumni by name. Available details will vary according to each individual's privacy settings, but you can send a message to individuals without being "friends."
  • Twitter: Follow @woffordalumni on Twitter to see a list of verified alumni tweeters.