Skills and Concepts

Through expert instruction and hands-on learning, Institute graduates will be able to:     

• Define your own leadership model and articulate it to others.
• Develop solutions within a group setting.
• Model problems and solutions using MS Excel.
• Prepare, develop, and present a topic to any audience.
• Effectively write executive summaries, emails, letters, and memos.
• Discuss potentially volatile global issues.
• Manage a project using proven project management skills and software.
• Network with others, known and unknown, as a means to establish and maintain relationships.
• Learn from first hand experiences provided by industry professionals.
• Identify and leverage your strengths, as well as appreciate and harness the strengths of others.
• Function in any environment with confident etiquette skills.
• Create and exercise a personal finance strategy.
• Manage your time, including planning on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
• Develop and learn interview skills.
• Collaborate as a team to solve a problem for an organization.
• Understand the basic steps of design thinking and apply it to their solution development.
• Create an effective resume and interview with exceptional effectiveness.