The Cup 


"The Cup"
Daniel Didok '14

"It was a lot of work, but also fun," says Daniel Didok of his spring 2012 Impact project. Daniel wanted to find a way to reduce waste on campus, and creating a reusable cup seemed to be the perfect way to do it. He surveyed Wofford students to find out if they'd be interested in purchasing a plastic tumbler that could be used all year long for free fountain drinks anywhere on campus, then negotiated the cost of the refills with Wofford's food service staff, which supported the idea. From there, it was a race to get the cup artwork designed and then off to be manufactured by Tervis Tumblers. 

When Daniel Didok introduced "The Cup" on campus in March 2012, it was an immediate hit. He quickly sold all 300 cups to students, staff and faculty. A portion of his profits went toward funding Impact scholarships for future students.

Over the summer, Daniel's been working on "The Cup II". He expects to double his sales when it's available for purchase in September.