The Space to: Impact Application

Current Wofford Students 

DEADLINE: Thursday, April 25 

Please note: If selected for Impact, you will be required to attend a preparatory workshop before the beginning of the Fall 2014 semester. Details will be sent to new members. 

If you wish to send supporting documents with your application (resumes, cartoons, diagrams, sketches, photographs, or videos), please email them to Courtney Shelton, Director of The Space, at byApril 25.


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Please briefly describe you, your passion, and your background:  


Why are you interested in Impact?
(Please include your primary motive, what you want to take away from this program, as well as the nature of your interests):  


I'm interested in (check a max of three. If you're single-minded in your passion, pick one):  


Please describe what specifically interests you about any of the topics you checked above: 


Please describe any past programs of The Space in which you've participated (if you have not participated in any Space programs, leave the box blank): 


Do you have a project idea or business that you would like to further develop through Impact? If so, tell us about it! If not, no problem - tell us about some projects or ideas you've developed in the past. 

Tell us about some projects or ideas you have developed and executed in the past. This could be an event, project or business that you came up with on your own, or a time that you took something that already existed and improved it.


Impact is highly collaborative. Even if you are working on a project as an individual, you'll bounce ideas off others and be asked to improve your ideas as a team. Tell us about a time you worked as part of a team to accomplish or improve something.

We don’t set out to accomplish small goals in Impact. We want to tackle big projects with a lasting result. Sometimes that means project work can get fairly intense and demand a substantial amount of time. Tell us about a time you were passionate enough about something to make sure it happened.

Creative problem solving and innovation requires wading into murky non-deterministic waters. Do you think you'll be able to get comfortable with ambiguity?  


Tell us which major you're pursuing and why. Also, if you have an idea about what you want to do after college, comment on that, too: 


What three strengths do you have that will benefit your teams and projects? Please limit your response to three sentences.

What is the recent event outside of class that excited or compelled you most? Please limit your response to one paragraph.

On a nametag, what one-word description (besides your name) would you feel most compelled to use to describe yourself (i.e., maker, researcher, chef, collaborator...)?


In the last six months, I have read (not just flipped through) a copy of:
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I have created something by one of the following methods:
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