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The BRICS Initiative
(Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa)

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350LogoA core value of the liberal arts education is a global perspective. As a Wofford student, you'll develop an understanding of how you're connected to others throughout the world that goes deeper than an awareness of business and career opportunities overseas. In the global economy, employees with the ability to help their organizations work successfully in other countries and cultures add tremendous value, regardless of the industry. These employees are well versed in the social, political and economic forces shaping the way we work today. 

The BRICS Initiative is a logical extension of your liberal arts education. You'll learn from an interdisciplinary team of faculty, staff, and in-country experts about a variety of topics, issues, problems, and opportunities regarding the BRICS nations and their increasing significance as global powers. We'll show you how to synthesize these different perspectives into the bigger picture of a rapidly-shifting world. An in-country visit is a major component of the program.  

Read Jennifer Dillenger’s blog about the BRICS Initiative and why most study abroad experiences may not be enough to prepare you for your career.

Who may participate?  

All students are welcome to participate, but first-year students and sophomores will have the most time left to visit several countries. This program is for any student who wants immersion into the social, political, economic and cultural aspects of a BRICS nation.

There are two ways to participate:

1. Interim only:
register for one of these approved Interim courses: JAN 306 BRICS Initiative, JAN 337 (Russian Culture), or JAN 338 South Africa.
2. Interim plus Travel: register for the in-country visit. This year, we're going to Brazil for two weeks. 

Check out the calendar to see the general program schedule
. It will give you a good idea of what we'll be doing and when.  

Tell me more about the TRAVEL!  

Each year, we'll travel to a different BRICS country, where you'll participate in the country's culture, get in-depth instruction in governmental processes, visit ports, go inside businesses and start-ups, and learn from in-country expertsThe travel component really sets this program apart from most Interim and Study Abroad experiences because culture and language are just two of the program's focuses. The social, political and economic immersion, plus networking and professional contacts opportunities, are not typically a component of most traditional travel experiences. 

Participate each year or only during the year that interests you. After the first year, you may participate in the summer travel portion without re-enrolling in the BRICS Interim portion. 

Is BRICS a multi-year commitment?  

Not at all. We've designed the program so that you'll get an excellent introduction to all of the countries, and then very specific knowledge of a single country during the in-country visit each year you decide to participate. You need only register for the Interim portion once. After that, you may choose to travel during the year that most interests you, or participate each year. It's up to you. 

How much does the program cost?  


  • Interim course (required during the first year of participation): $400 (includes two overnight field trips)
  • Travel component: $4,900 (includes all course fees, materials, travel and accommodations, and most meals in-country). It's a great value, and scholarships are available!  


How do I participate?     

Space is limited to 12 participants, and we want one of them to be you. Check out the "start" page for complete details, including scholarship instructions.  

  • You must complete a BRICS approved Interim to travel. These include JAN 306 BRICS Initiative, JAN 337 Russian Culture, and JAN 338 South Africa.  

You can register by applying for one of the approved Interims or by contacting Jennifer Dillenger.