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Aspen Institute Summer Internship

May - July 2015
Aspen, Colorado

NOTE: Applications are no longer being accepted.


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What is the Aspen Institute Summer Internship?

Interns work with staff at the Aspen, Colorado campus of the world-renowned Aspen Institute to produce a variety of seminars, conferences, and festivals attended by leaders from around the globe. Interns work in a variety of positions, from office support to fundraising to communications. Regardless of the tasks given, you'll have the opportunity to meet Institute visitors, who include prominent politicians, heads of state, actors, musicians, artists and sports figures. You'll get a unique global perspective from exposure to world leaders and the global issues programming offered by The Aspen Institute, plus make helpful contacts for your career search.   

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What are the requirements?

The internship is only open to junior students, and all majors are welcome. It lasts from May - July, 2015 and is unpaid. However, all expenses (travel, housing, meals, etc.) are covered through the generous support of Wofford alumnus Mike Brown '76. The most successful interns will be those students who are willing to work hard at any given task and who will be good representatives of Wofford College. If you'd like to know what to expect, speak with any of the Wofford 2015 Aspen Institute Interns.

Why should I apply?

The Aspen Institute Summer Internship is an unparalleled opportunity to gain valuable work experience for your resume at one of the most famous non-profit, non-partisan leadership development organizations in the world. You'll work with other interns from colleges and universities, make lasting friendships, and perhaps even meet some of the luminaries attending Aspen Institute programs. Your internship experience will instantly stand out on a resume or graduate school application. 

How many internships are available?

Three internships are available.  

How do I apply?

Send a cover letter expressing your interest in the internship, as well as a resume, to Jennifer Dillenger, Director of The Space to Prepare, by January 9. Applications may be sent via email ( or delivered to The Space in The Mungo Center (in the Michael S. Brown Village Center). You're encouraged to submit supplementary materials that will make you stand out (video, creative resumes, interactive resume site, etc.). 

What if I don't have a resume or don't know how to write a great cover letter?

We've got you covered. Get started by following the directions on our Resumes page.



Read what previous Aspen Institute Interns have to say about their experiences:  

"The Aspen Institute internship experience offers every student the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. No matter your post-graduate or professional pursuits, the Aspen experience will undoubtedly help you get there. While at the institute, interns meet an array of some of the most incredible and brilliant minds in various fields and from countries all around the world. Through this opportunity, interns develop stronger interpersonal communication skills and become comfortable and confident in their ability to handle stressful situations. Aside from the exciting working environment, Aspen, Colorado and the surrounding areas offer some of the world's best outdoor sports and recreation activities, not to mention some of the most breath-taking landscapes in the world. From trail running and rock-climbing to hiking and fly-fishing, there is never a dull moment." - Jervey Roper '14, 2013 Aspen Institute Intern

"I don't know where else I would have been able to experience a sit-down talk with Walter Isaacson (and actually nervously ask him the first question)! Between the everyday natural beauty of Aspen and the thought cultivating symposia that I was privileged to sit in on each week, I don't know what I miss more. As a young woman who is striving to lead a girl empowerment movement on social media, I was really blessed to be able to hear Malika Saada Saar, Director of the Human Rights Project for Girls, speak. Not to mention making the acquaintance of Barbara Bush, CEO and Co-Founder of Global Health Corps. Hearing these women speak made my summer very special and the impact felt will continue to move me as I grow in my own purpose and career" - Asantewaa Boateng '14, 2013 Aspen Institute Intern

"Aspen will challenge you on multiple levels. Physically, because the altitude is so awful, and emotionally, it can be challenging being away from home. The most challenging part, however, is being able to respond to the demands of the very high profile people you work with, but by the end of the summer it starts to become natural, and before you know it, you are perceiving needs before others know they have them." – Callie Taylor '14, 2013 Aspen Institute Intern

“I had an absolutely incredible experience while interning at the Aspen Institute. Every day was an adventure and world-view-changing experience. While working an event for Senator John McCain (then candidate for president), I was asked to hold the cover of his new book open while he signed it for attendees. We started to chat and by the end of the evening one of his supporters invited me to a small private fundraiser for the Senator.” – Nathan Madigan ’08, 2007 Aspen Institute Intern

“While there were many memorable experiences, such as directing Katie Couric around the Institute campus, just being around so many accomplished experts and leaders from around the world is a non-stop learning experience. It is a great place to open your mind to issues and ideas you never considered before.” – Alyse Line ’10, 2009 Aspen Institute Intern

“It’s an internship unlike any other, and it differentiates you from other applicants for a job or graduate school. There are not many people that have the opportunity to live in Aspen and meet some of the most influential people in the world.” – Graham Miller ’11, 2010 Aspen Institute Intern

“While I enjoyed almost every single aspect of the internship, getting to know Mr. Brown was the most enjoyable part of it for me. He taught (and continues to teach) me that life is too short not to take chances, not to have passion for what you do, and not to give 100% all of the time. The Aspen Internship embodies many of his philosophies.” – Martha Albergotti ’08, 2007 Aspen Institute Intern

“The Aspen Institute provides interns with a gamut of experiences, including attending lectures, forums, luncheons, and discussion receptions. However, one particular evening, I went to dinner with a friend of mine and the guest of honor (a surprise to everyone!) was Madeline Albright, the former Secretary of State and Institute trustee.” – Ellen Smith ’12, 2011 Aspen Institute Intern

“The Aspen Ideas Festival was one of the coolest things I have ever participated in. They basically get the smartest people to talk about the most important current global issues: science, environment, politics, economics, sports, nutrition, business, innovation, etc. You name it, they had it.” – Seth Knight ’13, 2012 Aspen Institute Intern

“During my internship, I met a number of successful people who showed a genuine interest in my professional growth potential. One such person became a mentor to me, and when I began my job search, he provided guidance to me during the process and recommended an opportunity at MotionPoint.” – Claudia Albergotti ’11, 2010 Aspen Institute Intern

“I got to see Dr. Dunlap moderate some of the sessions. It was amazing to realize that we have him here at Wofford every day. You don’t realize how renowned he is until you’re in a place like Aspen, you’re meeting all these world figures, and they all know Dr. Dunlap. He has them on speed dial.” – Enrique Lopez ’08, 2007 Aspen Institute Intern