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2015 Goal Line Club Results

 The final count for the 2015 season is 112 members pledging a combined $1,158 per touchdown for the 2015 season. After 37 touchdowns, a total amount of $42,846 was raised for the Goal Line Club ESF this season. Since the Goal Line Club’s inception in 2012, over $165,000 has been donated by members. Thank you to everyone for your support of the Goal Line Club!
Established in 2012, the Goal Line Club has proven hugely successful in helping raise scholarship dollars for the Wofford College Athletics Endowment. With the Terriers scoring 158 touchdowns over the past four seasons, Goal Line Club members have donated a combined total of more than $165,000 for the Goal Line Club Endowed Scholarship Fund.

The Goal Line Club offers Wofford fans the opportunity to participate in the endowment for as little as $1 per touchdown. Proceeds from the endowment are then used to fund scholarships. The key lies in the power of numbers. Many small gifts add up to big gains for Wofford student-athletes. With support from members of the Wofford Goal Line Club, the college’s athletics endowment now totals more than $35 million.

We hope your participation will be in addition to your annual Terrier Club gift.
For as little as $1.00 per touchdown you can make a difference!

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Examples of different pledge amounts:
$1.00 X 37= $37.00            $10.00 X 37= $370.00
$2.00 X 37= $74.00            $25.00 X 37= $925.00
$3.00 X 37= $111.00          $50 X 37= $1,850.00
$5.00 X 37= $185.00          $100 X 37= $3,700.00

For more information, contact Luke Feisal ’14 at 864-597-4496/

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