Board of Directors

The Terrier Club Board of Directors is a volunteer leadership group that works with the Athletic Department to help raise scholarship dollars for student-athletes at Wofford College. Terrier Club Board members serve three-year terms. They are an integral part of the college and serve as an advocate for athletics by giving of their time, talent and resources. The Board of Directors meets twice a year.

If you or someone you know would be interested in serving on the Terrier Club Board of Directors, please submit your nominations prior to Dec. 31 to the Terrier Club staff.

2020 Terrier Club Board of Directors
Mr. Jeff Sarvis '80, President Mr. Kevin Adleman '08
Mrs. Rhonda Atkinson '82 Mrs. Anna Blanton '09
Mrs. Mary Katherine Lentz '13 Mr. Wilkes Brown '07
Mr. Andy Cajka Dr. Chase Corn '03
Mr. David McCutchen '14 Mr. Michael Edens '98
Dr. Aaron Ellett '93 Mr. Drew English '95
Mr. Robert Hale Mr. Andy Halligan '05
Mrs. Yvette Hogan Mr. Al Hogan
Mr. Martin Huff '12 Mrs. Lauren Keisler Schultz '10
Mr. Whitner Kennedy '09 Ms. Evie Kytan '14
Mr. Billy Mitchell '75 Mr. Jason Patrick '95
Mr. Justin Pinckney '08 Mr. Chres Rainey '90
Mr. Tyler Ratterree Dr. Dana Ray '94
Mr. Craig Richard '94 Dr. Steve Richards '08
Mr. Anthony Rowland '12 Mr. Kent Saad '80
Mr. Bill Schuler '81 Mr. Drew Sheridan '11
Mrs. Leigh O'Shields Mrs. Gale Sprow
Ms. Ann Taylor '18 Mr. Joseph Tecklenburg '12
Mr. Kevin Thomas '15 Mr. Shannon Tyler '83
Mr. David White '08

Terrier Club Board of Directors Lifetime Members
Mr. John Bauknight '89 Mrs. Delores Chandler
Mr. Harold Chandler '71 Mr. Pete Diamaduros '83
Mr. Dial DuBose, '83 Mr. Patrick C. Fant III '88
Mrs. Deans Fawcett Mr. Barry Foy '66
Mr. Rob E. Gregory, Jr. '64 Mr. Jay Hammond '56
Mrs. Ann Johnson Mr. Larry Joyner '76
Dr. Mary Woods Keisler Mr. Wade Keisler '80
Mr. Buddy Kirby '61 Mr. Samuel H. Maw Jr. '56
Mr. Matt McCoy '97 Mr. Chuck Stokes '75
Dr. Clifton L. Williams Jr. '75 Ms. Margaret G. Young '92