Wofford headstone on lawn

Taylor Thomas '13

Boy Scouts of America- District Executive  

 Taylor Thomas
Business Economics
How do you use the skills you learned at WOC in your current job? While I may not have been the best caller on my team, WOC gave me many great experiences that have helped me tremendously in my career. Most people find it very hard to ask for money. In my current position, I raise money for the Boy Scouts. I refer back to my WOC experiences to help me with my fundraising. Probably the best skill I learned at WOC is building rapport. In my profession, we usually try to find volunteers who act as "gate keepers/natural partners" to make financial ask to potential supporters.

Any advice for current or future WOC-ers? It is very easy to say "no" to someone who you have never met before or have no connection with. That being said, it is very easy for alumni/friends/parents/supporters to tell you "no" over the phone. The biggest tip I can give you is to establish some kind of connection. In one of my conversations during WOC with a donor from Concord, NC, I connected with the donor for 20 minutes about scouting. A year after talking to this alumnus, he remembered our conversation and tracked me down at a scouting event to meet me in person. Building rapport can make a big difference! Thank you to the wonderful WOC callers for helping Wofford continue to grow!