Wofford headstone on lawn

Sarah Schultz '16

Risk Advisory Associate, Grant Thornton

Sarah SchutltzMajor: Finance
Minor(s): Religion & Economics

How have you benefited from working with WOC? While a student at Wofford, being a member of Wofford on Call not only gave me additional income, but also a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. I felt accomplished knowing that I was helping Wofford maintain its level of excellence through support from alumni, parents, and friends of the college. I also benefited from WOC by learning to manage my time effectively, because on top of classes, social activities, and other organizations, I had to fit in my shifts for WOC. Many times it was not feasible to procrastinate on schoolwork with having a 2-hour shift the night before an exam, a paper/project due, etc., so WOC kept me on top of what I needed to be doing each day to prepare for upcoming assignments. Lastly, I benefited from WOC by the people I was surrounded with. All of our "bosses" (I would consider them more as friends!) in the Advancement Office were always available to the associates for anything they needed, even if it didn't directly affect WOC, and the fellow associates were always there to bring each other up rather than tear them down. There is a great sense of teamwork within WOC.

Why did you enjoy working for WOC? I enjoyed WOC because it gave me a sense of community with other WOC-ers and the alumni we were communicating with. On a daily basis, you were interacting with peers of different classes, backgrounds, and social groups, as well as alumni of all ages and careers. It really gives you perspective on all the opportunities a Wofford education can grant you. Additionally, WOC was a constant through my years at Wofford. I began calling the fall semester of my freshman year through my senior year, so it was something that I grew to love while I was a student. I think WOC provides a great opportunity for any student who loves Wofford and wants to earn extra cash, gain experience communicating in a professional manner, and get the opportunity to engage with many alumni, all in a welcoming environment.

How do you use the skills you learned at WOC in your current job? Interpersonal skills are critical in my position. In my job we are on different clients every couple weeks, which requires us to interact with a variety of people on a revolving basis. I must be able to effectively communicate with clients on a daily basis and WOC taught me the ability to communicate with anyone in both a friendly and professional manner. Not every person you speak with at WOC is going to be enthusiastic about your call (many will!) so it prepared me for the business world where you must remain composed, regardless of the situation.