Wofford Terrier

Michelle Stinson '13

 Charles R. Drew Charter School- Early College/Persistence Counselor

Michelle StinsonMajors: English and Government

Wofford on Call has helped me in so many ways. It gave me the confidence to talk to people that I’ve never met, learn about their experience and relationship with Wofford, and also let them know that their support makes a difference here. It also let me know how Wofford changes and progresses each year, which made me even more proud to attend this school. The fact that I could have an on-campus job that was fun and also provided a paycheck for me really helped me to take more responsibility concerning my income, too. The confidence that I got from working at Wofford on Call for 4 years helped me to enjoy the work that I do now as a counselor.

Wofford on Call always provided a fun atmosphere for me. Even though it was technically “work,” it was a great study break in which I could be social with coworkers and talk to alums who benefited from Wofford College. I love getting to know people’s stories, and Wofford on Call helped me to reach out and do that. It’s also a fun way to get to meet people that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Some of my best friends came through Wofford on Call.

I work closely with high school seniors taking dual-enrollment classes, as it prepares them for what they are likely to encounter in the classroom when they go to college. Another part of my job includes working with our graduates as they prepare for the start of their freshman year in the fall. Being able to start up a conversation and keep it going is something that Wofford on Call helped me to do. Even though I do a lot of talking for my job, it’s also just as important to note that I have to listen/hear what the person is saying as well. Wofford on Call helped me to be more engaging; it’s not just about getting the pledge, it’s about listening to them and keeping that relationship between Wofford and the alum. Part of my current job also involves connecting with alumni-- we just graduated our first class of seniors, so I am excited to begin this journey with them as they go to colleges across the nation. Along with that, I am able to help build Drew's alumni base by creating webpages on social media platforms for our grads as well as hosting alumni events.

Wofford on Call is part of my fondest memories as a Wofford student. It taught me a lot about managing my free time when not in the classroom, but it also taught me to enjoy what I’m doing. You can have fun while working. Wofford as a school is like that too, and I enjoy working in that kind of environment.