Wofford headstone on lawn

Chelsea Smith Dropik '10

SYNNEX Corporation - Field Account Executive for the Ohio Valley


Chelsea Smith Dropik Majors: Intercultural Studies for Business with Spanish

How have you benefited from working with WOC? I benefited in two main ways from working with WOC. The first way was that I gained experience with fundraising tactics. I went on to get my Masters in Nonprofit Management and still have a very large interest in fundraising today. The second way I benefited was by practicing cold calling skills. This has led to a successful sales career. I have confidence to call or show up to meet just about anyone and I think this started with WOC.

Why did you enjoy working for WOC?
I enjoyed working at WOC because the hours were flexible and allowed me to work other part time jobs during the weekdays. I also enjoyed getting to meet alumni over the phone and learn about their experiences at Wofford. I loved the opportunity to give back to the college by fundraising.

How do you use the skills you learned at WOC in your current job? I absolutely use WOC skills in my current job. I cold-call and make visits to customers each week. I have the confidence it takes to show up to a situation without knowing what the person will be like or what will be thrown my way. I can think on my feet. The fundraising skills I learned have translated well into sales skills and a sales career.