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Alex Dawson '14

Community Foundation of Greater Flint- Development and Program Associate

 Alex Dawson
 Major: Sociology

How did you benefit from working with WOC? The skills I acquired while working with WOC are invaluable. Working as a caller I developed donor relations and communication skills which I currently use in my line of work.
Why did you enjoy working for WOC? WOC had an amazing work atmosphere! Everyone was working towards the same goal of raising funds to make Wofford a better place.

How do you use the skills you learned with WOC in your current job? I am a development associate at a non-profit, which requires me to be in contact with current donors and prospect donors. The communication and donor relations skills that I acquired while working with WOC help me to succeed in reaching my goals at work. I also learned how to perfect my sales pitch, which has helped me to become very successful in my line of work.

Anything else you’d like to say about Wofford and/or WOC? I am forever grateful for the four years that I attended Wofford College! And I will always remember that I made an impact on Wofford’s campus by working at WOC and raising funds for my alma mater.