Charter Application

The duties of the Student Experience Committee of the College, as stated in the faculty by-laws, include the power and responsibility "to grant and/or withdraw charters to all student organizations with due regard to their contribution to campus life, student development, and acceptable standards of conduct, or impose restrictions when organizations fail to serve useful functions or maintain acceptable standards." If an organization cannot specify how it will further the goals of the College, the Student Experience Committee of the College reserves the right not to grant an organization a charter.

Other reasons for not granting a charter include violations of the student code of rights and responsibilities, and the failure to submit an annual report at the end of the academic year. A charter may be denied if any information on the application for charter has been falsified or withheld.

At the end of the academic year, you will be asked to submit an annual report. Direct questions to the Dean of Students:

Please fill out completely and submit to the Campus Life/Student Development Office.