Campus Union Committee Chair Application

Ad-Hoc Committee

The purpose of the Ad-Hoc Committee revise the Campus Union Constitution and Bylaws.

Campus Relations Committee

The Campus Relations Committee will be responsible for having good relations with the student body, the faculty and the larger Spartanburg community. This committee will be the sole advertiser, advertising elections and events as well as making sure students understand what their student government is doing for them. The CRC will plan and implement a project so students can show appreciation to the faculty and staff as well as help plan Wofford's annual Winter Lighting. Also, the committee will have to be innovative and responsive to the needs of the cabinet and the entire assembly.

Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-racism Committee

The purpose of this committee is to encourage a more diverse and inclusive environment on campus. This committee will work regularly with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion staff and the Office of Admissions staff.

Facility Affairs Committee

The Facility Affairs Committee chair provides quality leadership in the areas of facility management for food services, maintenance and other areas of concern for students. The chair will be required to be on good terms with the associate vice president of business, the dean of students, the director of facilities and the district director of culinary services.

Wellness and Safety Committee

The purpose of the committee is to encourage and promote awareness of Department of Campus Safety and Wellness Center initiatives, programs and services as well as expand and share the responsibility of promoting and sustaining a healthy and crime free community. The committee meets and works regularly with faculty, the Department of Campus Safety and the Wellness Center to act as the middleman between the student body and these departments. Additionally, the committee creates a flexible schedule, at the beginning of each semester, that maps out what it wishes to accomplish, as well as it compiles and submits an itemized budget each year for approval by the Financial Affairs Committee.

Wofford Activities Council

WAC is the largest committee of CU and plans many large social activities for the student body. In addition to chairing weekly meetings, the committee chair/co-chairs are responsible for meeting with the assistant director of student activities and campus life on a weekly basis and are expected to attend the majority of the sub-committee meetings. Committee chair/co-chairs are also expected to attend the majority of events sponsored by WAC.

Wofford Athletics and Recreation Committee

The Wofford Athletics Recreation Committee promotes and publicizes athletic events for all sports. It strives to increase student attendance and spirit at all sporting events. The vision of the committee is to have at athletic events a part of every student's week. Wofford Athletics and Recreation works directly with the director of marketing and promotions for the Department of Athletics and the director of campus recreation and intramurals to help increase interest and student participation in athletic events.

Wofford Live Committee

The Wofford Live Committee is responsible for allocating money to individuals and groups to put on fun events. This programming will be a compliment to other social activities at Wofford and will be for all to attend. The committee is also responsible for funding a variety of events and appealing to a variety of viewpoints among the student body. The chair is responsible for giving guidance to those who plan events, for major publicity of the Wofford Live Committee, and for responsibly allocating money to those who apply for it.

I have read an understand everything on this application. I certify that all information on this application is true to the best of my knowledge and that I must notify CU of any changes.