A.M. Shipp Hall

Shipp and DuPré Halls are located in the heart of campus on either side of the lawn between Main Building and the Stewart H. Johnson Greek Village. In both residences, four halls form a rectangle that surrounds a central courtyard with trees and benches. Primarily residences for sophomores, Shipp and DuPré have hall baths. Rooms feature two private cubes — each with a bed, desk and desk chair — that function as sleep and study areas. The cubes open into a common living space that includes two built-in closets and dressers and enough space for a couch, chair, television, refrigerator and microwave. Shipp and DuPré are coeducational by hall.

All Wofford residence halls and apartments are fully wired and have free laundry facilities, recycling receptacles, safety lighting, group gathering spaces and a team of resident assistants, who provide support as well as community-building and educational programming.

Floor plans may vary.