Fall Housing Process

This page will provide current students with a timeline of the annual Fall Housing Assignment Process and relevant information regarding housing assignments. Incoming first-year or transfer students will receive specific instructions via email before their respective housing processes begin.

2022 Timeline

March 15

$500 reservation deposits due

Fall 2022 Housing Application opens

March 25

Deadline for Fall Housing Applications

April 22

Deadline for finalizing roommate groups

June 15

Housing assignments published in the housing portal  


Reservation Deposit

The reservation deposit (sometimes called the housing deposit) is your way of telling the College that you’re planning to return as a student for the following year. By paying the $500 reservation deposit, you also communicate to the Business Office and our office that you’re planning to live on campus. The reservation deposit is due annually on March 15. Questions regarding reservation deposits should be directed to the Business Office.

Housing Application

The first step in the process is completing the Housing Application which will be available on the online housing portal. Placement in the housing lottery will not be affected based on when the form is submitted, as long as it is submitted by the initial deadline. Completing the application takes less than 10 minutes and automatically registers students for the next steps of the lottery process.

Roommate Groups

Roommates play an important role in a student's success. Therefore, each student may designate their roommate preference once they have completed the Housing Application; students may also have the option of specifying their suitemate and apartment-mate preferences. Almost all of our residence hall rooms are double-occupancy. Students without roommates or suitemates may be assigned to a room or apartment with roommates at the discretion of the Residence Life staff. Additionally:

  • We encourage students to form groups of two or four. 
  • Carlisle, Lesesne, and Wightman halls are the only “suite-style” residence halls on campus. Shipp and Dupre halls are considered “hall bath” residence halls, as such, we cannot guarantee that groups of four will be placed together or that groups of four will share a bathroom in these halls. 
  • Only groups of four rising seniors are guaranteed housing in the Village (which includes MSBVC). Groups including one or more non-seniors are not guaranteed housing in the Village.
  • Class status for housing is determined by the year a student began college, not by credit hours.
  • The Office of Residence Life will work to honor roommate/suitemate requests, but cannot guarantee all requests.

Housing Assignments

Our housing software system will assign groups to housing based on combined preferences, availability, and cohort. Assignments will be available to students on the housing portal by June 15.

Wofford College reserves the right of final approval of all room and residence hall assignments. The College reserves the right to reassign a student from one room or residence hall to another at any time and for any reason.

Study Abroad

Students who are currently studying abroad and who will be living on campus during for Fall 2022 should participate in the housing process described on this page.

Students who are planning to study abroad during the fall semester may not participate in the Housing Lottery. These students must still pay the reservation deposit in order to study abroad and pre-register for classes. Students who are registered for an off-campus program on May 1 will be removed from the housing lottery, should those students decide to stay on-campus after May 1, housing will be assigned to them on a space-available basis.

Academic Status

Students must remain registered for 9 hours of academic credit to remain in campus housing. Students who are not registered for 9 credit hours prior to the start of the fall semester will be removed from housing.

Students who are academically excluded from the College at the close of the academic year will lose their housing assignments. If reinstated by August 15 these students will be assigned housing by the Office of Residence Life on a space-available basis.

Special Housing Requests

Housing Accommodations

The Office of Residence Life assigns housing to students approved for housing accommodations through the Office of Accessibility Services. Students with a diagnosed disability that impacts their housing needs may request housing accommodations through the myWofford “Student” menu. All requests for housing accommodations for returning students for the fall term are due to be finalized by March 15. Any requests finalized after March 15 may impact or delay housing assignments and accommodations for fall housing. Please direct all questions to accessibilityservices@wofford.edu.

Single Rooms

A limited number of single rooms may be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Wofford charges an additional $1500 per year for these rooms and all single rooms for upper-level students are housed in Shipp/Dupre halls. Students who are interested in joining a wait list for single rooms should complete the Single Room Interest Form available on the housing portal by March 25 (if you have issues accessing this form, please email reslife@wofford.edu).

Gender-Specific Housing

Wofford makes every effort to provide students with a safe and comfortable residential environment. Students may email reslife@wofford.edu, to discuss specific housing issues, concerns, or requests. Once assigned housing consistent with their gender identity, a student may use the corresponding hall/apartment bathroom facilities.

Student confidentiality is very important. Our staff will keep a student's disclosed gender identity private and will share it only with employees who need the information in order to perform their job duties. A transgender or gender nonconforming student may choose whether to disclose gender identity information to a roommate.

Questions? We’re here to help! 

We know there will be questions and even potential issues that arise. Our office is here to help! We will work diligently to answer any questions or concerns that arise, but please be patient. We receive a number of emails and calls during the housing assignment process and it takes time to respond. Even so, we will respond to each email, call or message as quickly as we are able.

You can email any questions to ResLife@wofford.edu or call our office at (864) 597-5100. We look forward to working with you through this new and exciting process!


Wofford College reserves the right of final approval of all room and residence hall assignments. The College reserves the right to reassign a student from one room or residence hall to another during the year.