Housing lottery information

2019-2020 Housing Lottery:

Students who pay their $500 housing deposit by the March 15 deadline and who are in good standing with the college will be assigned a randomly generated lottery number by Information Technology Services (ITS). Students who did not submit their housing deposit by March 15 may not participate in the lottery. They may be added to a list of students to be assigned housing at a later date. Students who will be participating in a study abroad program during the fall semester will not be participating in the housing lottery for fall 2019.

Student Classifications: 

Individual lottery numbers will be assigned randomly by the computer according to the year the student graduated high school.   

Students are classified according to official records maintained by the Registrar’s Office. If there are any questions about your classification, please contact the Registrar’s Office before March 15, 2019.   

During the online housing lottery, students will be able to rank the residence halls in which they would like to live next fall in order of their preference. Students will be able to specify roommates and have the option of specifying suite mates and apartment mates if desired. Each eligible roommate pair or suite mate group will be assigned a final group lottery number according to the average of their individual lottery numbers. Housing will be assigned in order of the final lottery numbers, from lowest to highest.

How does the housing lottery work?

There are several stages to the lottery. First, all eligible students will receive an email prior to the lottery containing a PIN. One student from each roommate pair or suite mate group must log in to the lottery website with his or her PIN. This student must have the PINs and summer contact telephone numbers for every member of the group in order to proceed. At this time, the student will register the roommate pair or suite mate groups. These pairings will be used to generate the group’s final lottery number. Students are reminded that any holds on their accounts will prevent that student from participating in the housing lottery process.  

Housing Choices:

The second stage of the lottery is when students register their housing preferences, and this will start the week before spring break. Each roommate pair or suite mate group will receive an email confirming their housing preference sign-up date. This date will be based on the group’s final lottery number. Within each of these time slots, housing will be assigned in order of the final lottery numbers. Submission time has no effect on placement.

Once a housing area has been filled, it will not appear as an option. For example, if the top one-third (or first group) of students fills up the Village apartments, the Village will not appear as an option for the students signing up during the second group's time. Housing assignments will be posted on your myWofford link after final assignments have been made.

Groups with four rising seniors will have priority on apartments in the Village.

Groups with four rising juniors will have priority for suites in Lesesne Hall and Wightman Hall.

Rising sophomores will have priority for rooms in DuPré Hall and Shipp Hall.

The following building preferences will be ranked, in order from 1 (most desirable) to 6 (least desirable). 

Additionally, within DuPré, Shipp, Carlisle, Wightman and Lesesne, groups will be asked to specify their preferred floor. Groups will be placed in their preferred building by order of their final, averaged lottery number. If a group’s first preference is unavailable, their second preference will be used and so on. Within Shipp and DuPré halls, every attempt will be made to place students entering the lottery in groups of four together or near each other, but no guarantees can be made.

Rising juniors and seniors who enter the lottery in groups of two will be assigned to a suite with another roommate pair by the residence life staff.

Greene, Marsh and Carlisle halls are reserved for our first-year students. Second- and third-year students who are not assigned to Wightman, Lesesne, Shipp and DuPré may be assigned to the Carlisle Hall. Carlisle is a dry residence hall, and all students who are housed there will adhere to this policy.

The Village:

Each building in the Village contains between one and four apartments, with each apartment housing four students. Apartments located within the same house do not share any common facilities or entrances and are considered separate units within the lottery. First preference for all Village apartments will be given to groups of four rising seniors. 

Are single rooms available in the housing lottery?

Students wishing to apply for a single room must contact Allen Lollis (lollisja@wofford.edu) in the Office of Residence Life by Friday, March 15. All single rooms are located in Shipp and DuPré Halls and cost an additional $1,500 per year. Single rooms are not placed in the lottery; rather, they are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Students who are not placed in a single room and participate in the housing lottery without a roommate will be placed with other individual participants and assigned housing based on the average of their lottery numbers.

What is the process for special needs housing?

The Office of Residence Life assigns rooms in each residence hall to students with special physical, emotional or academic needs. Students requesting housing accommodations should register with Accessibility Services by accessing an accommodations request in the Student page on myWofford. Details about this process can be found on the Wellness Center page. For incoming first-year students, please refer to the Gold Guide for housing deadlines.

Roommate Matching

Almost all of Wofford’s residence hall rooms are double occupancy. Having a roommate is an important part of individual student development and campus life. The residence life staff encourages all students to select their own roommates as an upperclassman. Students without roommates or suite mates should list their building preferences, but they will be assigned to a room or an apartment with a roommate by the residence life staff.

“To Be Assigned” List:

The rooms in Greene and Marsh halls and approximately half of the rooms in Carlisle Hall are reserved until June 1 for first-year students. Students are reminded of this policy because dozens of rising juniors and rising sophomores students who will not receive their room assignment until late in the summer. These students will be placed in order of their lottery number on the list of students “To Be Assigned” housing. In order for the residence life staff to be able to communicate with the students on this list, it is important for the students to provide a current cell phone number.

Other Important Information: 

Academic Status:

Students who are academically excluded from the college at the close of the 2018-2019 academic year will automatically lose their housing assignments. If reinstated by August 15, 2019, these students will be assigned housing by the assistant director of residence life on a space-available basis.

Study Abroad:

The residence life staff supports the study-travel program. Students who currently are participating in a study abroad program and who will be living on campus during the fall semester must provide their PIN number to their roommate or suite mates to sign up for fall on-campus housing. If a roommate or suite mate is unable to contact the person who is abroad, they may contact Allen Lollis in the Office of Residence Life to receive that student’s PIN number.

Students who will be participating in a study abroad program during the fall 2019 semester should not participate in the housing lottery. The Office of Residence Life will receive a list of all students studying abroad prior to the lottery, and these students will not be able to participate. These students should still pay the $500 housing deposit in order to study abroad and pre-register for classes.

Applications to Live Off Campus

As a residential college, all students are expected to live on campus unless they are married or commuting from their permanent residence. Students who wish to apply for off-campus residency must submit an application to Brian Lemere, director of residence life, by Friday, March 15. Applications are available on the residence life website. You also can access the application by clicking here. Students who are granted permission to live off campus will not participate in the 2019 housing lottery.

Students not submitting their housing deposit by March 15 will not be guaranteed housing for the fall semester. Students who are eligible for a waiver for the deposit should confirm this with a member of the financial aid staff.  Questions regarding receipt of a housing deposit should be directed to the Business Office. Questions regarding the housing lottery should be directed to Allen Lollis, assistant director of residence life, at lollisja@wofford.edu.  

Students: Please remember that Wofford College reserves the right of final approval of all room and residence hall assignments. Also, Wofford College reserves the right to move a student from one room or residence hall to another during the year.