WAC Leadership

Bella Riddle: WAC Chair - Bella represents WAC at all Campus Union meetings.  In addition to facilitating weekly meetings with the chairs listed below and all WAC members, Bella assists with the coordination of all WAC events, trainings, and retreats.  She also meets regularly with the WAC staff advisors, the Wofford Live chair, and the WAR chair.

Calhoun Cheek: Monthidays Subcommittee Chair

Megan Reilly: Special Events Subcommittee Chair

Sara Beth Napper: Terrier Traditions Subcommittee Chair

Jaden Cox: Public Relations

Staff Advisors

Alexa Riley: Director of Student Activities and Campus Life

Talicia Murphy: Coordinator of Student Activities and Campus Life

Please email rileyAL@wofford.edu or call 864-597-4042 if you have any questions about WAC.