Campus Union Committee Member Application

The CU committees are the standing committees of Wofford's student government. These committees meet weekly and all members are expected to also attend outside events being put on by the committee.

College Committees

Answer the following questions for the committee(s) to which you are applying only.

Campus Relations Committee

The CRC facilitates communication among and between students, chartered organizations, the faculty and staff of Wofford College as well as with the Spartanburg community. The committee plans and implements annual events, including, but not limited to, the Faculty Appreciation Luncheon, Pizza with the Presidents and the Winter Lighting. The CRC is responsible for advertising all CU events and elections.

Facility and Sustainabilty Affairs Committee

The Facility and Sustainability Affairs Committee works with the Office of Facilities, the dean of students and the Business Office to increase accessibility to buildings, facilitate renovations, lobby for technological advancements, improve food services and sustainability through recycling. Also, the committee organizes the bi-annual lighting walks, summer improvement projects, facility forums and many more programs.

Financial Affairs Committee

The Financial Affairs Committee compiles and proposes the CU budget to the Assembly each spring. In addition to conducting the bi-annual allocation process for chartered organizations, the committee receives and reviews all proposals for funding (outside of the allocation process) from CU. Weekly, the treasurer reports the financial position to the CU Assembly.

Wofford Live Committee

The Wofford Live Committee plans and executes performances ranging from concerts, comedians and other live shows. Mainly, this committee improves life by increasing school spirit and student participation. Each committee member may be in charge of or involved with risk management, productions, concert selection, financial management or allocations. 

Wofford Activities Council

The Wofford Activities Council exists to provide the student body with a variety of social events throughout the academic year. Major events include a back-to-school event, Homecoming Week activities, Fall Formal, the Black & Gold Ball, Spring Weekend and Interim events. Mainly, WAC is charged with improving life by student entertainment. WAC welcomes anyone to come to the weekly meetings to voice opinions and make suggestions!

Wofford Athletics and Recreation

The Wofford Athletics and Recreation Committee creates, coordinates, funds and promotes Wofford’s Athletics as well as club and intramural sports. Mainly, the committee’s mission is to improve school spirit and attendance at sporting events.

Wellness and Safety Committee Member Application

The Wellness and Safety Committee creates and promotes initiatives, programs and services of the Department of Campus Safety and the Wellness Center. The committee meets and works regularly with members of these departments to provide student input and share the responsibility of fostering and sustaining a healthy and crime-free environment.