Interfraternity Council

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the self-governing student organization that provides guidelines and support to its member organizations. Wofford's IFC governs the six IFC fraternities on campus. It is comprised of two representatives per fraternity for equal representation in addition to the Executive Council.

The IFC Creed

We, the Undergraduate Members of men’s fraternities, in an effort to lessen the disparity between fraternity ideals and individual behavior and to personalize these ideals in our daily experience, strive to abide by the values and ethics set forth by our chapters’ rituals.

We, the fraternity men of Wofford College, stand for academic achievement; for the respect of all persons; for guarding the health and safety of all human beings; and for the challenge to our brothers to uphold fraternal ideals in their daily lives.

IFC Fraternities

Executive Council

Jack Sullivan


Nick Butler

Vice President

Ross Walker

Vice President, Judicial

Mills Brice


Braden Tuttle

Vice President, Public Relations