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PhD Scholarships

Three fully funded PhD scholarships are available to work on crisis conservation situations in Brazil, Indonesia or South Africa (follow the hyperlinks in each country's name to learn more) as part of the 'Crisis Conservation: Saving Nature in Times and Spaces of Exception'project. 

Field Schools

For an extensive list of  Field School and Internship opportunities, check the American Anthropology Association website.

Professional Organizations


Promising Job Market for Anthropology PhDs

"The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in June of 2012 that of all, yes all occupations tracked by the BLS, jobs for anthropologists (to include sub-fields, especially archaeology) are expected to grow more that all other occupations combined, a staggering 21% over the next 8 years, with all other social science related fields projected to grow 18%....The job market for anthropologists has never been better, more diversified, or more lucrative (no matter flavor of filthy lucre you favor – cash money, benefits, tenure of one shade or another, world travel, adoring students, stacks of papers to grade, etc. and then some and so on)."  (excerpt from L. Angelina Howell's blog)


“Do you wonder what you will do after graduation? Check out the eAnthroGuide! Look for the hundreds of graduate programs listed, both within the US and internationally and you can search by location, degrees, and many other criteria. Find your perfect grad school fit! Search for field schools. Develop a list of organizations, museums, and non-profits that hire anthropologists. Just visit and search today!