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Early Arrival Requests:

The Office of Residence Life works to meet the needs of students and strives to be understanding of circumstances that may require students to move into college housing before the official move-in date. Students willing to comply with our policies may apply for early arrival. Please read through all of the information below before applying for early arrival. 


  • Siblings of newly admitted freshmen
  • Unusual travel plans
  • Participation in special programs

Students may also use this form to request that they be allowed to move in just their belongings. These students must still complete the request form. No keys will be given to these students and they must check-in during official hours on move-in day. Please note, some rooms may not be available because of preseason camps; your requests may be denied based on availability. 

Applications for both group and individual early arrivals will begin being accepted onJuly 10, 2017.

Individual early arrival forms are to be completed no later than August 25, 2017.


Individual Early Arrivals (Not part of a group):

You must receive a confirmation email stating that your application has been approved in order to return early. There is a $100/night charge for any student who returns to campus earlier than approved. This fee will be added to your student account.

Missed the August 25 deadline? You must contact the Office of Residence Life immediately via email (

To access the Early Arrival form please click HERE.

*Students must pick up their key in the Office of Residence Life between 9am-4pm or through the Office of Campus Safety. Individuals will be responsible for all meals prior to the opening of dining services. Please be advised that all rules, policies and procedures apply to any student arriving early to Wofford’s campus. 

Late Arrival: 

Any student that who plans to arrive later than the scheduled opening dates, should email the assistant director ( to arrange the pick up of a key. Residents who do not go through the official check in process will need to report to the Office of Student Affairs, on the second floor of the Campus Life Building, the next business day to complete the check in process. Residents who do not report and check in, may have holds placed on their student account.